Modern digital technologies, above all AI, robotics and data-related technologies, are changing our world at an amazing speed.

We believe in people as the major driving force for digital transformation. That is why we want to enable everyone to become an active part of the upcoming AI age.

We want to empower everyone to:


«10million.AI» Project

Major supporter, investor, and orchestrator of the «10million.AI» Project.

Investing in AI Education

Investing 15 Million Swiss Francs in free education for everyone over the next 3 years

Bridging the Gender Gap in AI

With a particular focus on supporting women, gender equality, and equal opportunities for everyone

Facts & Figures

Matterhorn, Switzerland

  • Headquartered in Freienbach, Switzerland

  • Founded in 2019

  • Approx. 100’000 active members

  • From more than 10 countries on 3 continents

  • Member base growing by approx. 100 percent every quarter

  • With thousands of successful graduations every month

  • Team with more than 50 team members across 8 countries in 3 continents