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Most Popular Social Media Platforms in 2020

Social media platforms.

Sometimes I think about how they are involved in our lives so fast. Before jumping to another topic, I would like to give you some statistics related to the most popular social media platforms in 2020.

Facebook is the biggest social media site around, with almost two and a half million people using it. The second famous platforms are Youtube which is a video-sharing platform and Whatsapp which is a messaging app used by people. According to statistics, it is not wrong if I say that these social media platforms play a significant role in the business world. For example, many businesses are boosting their sales using Facebook pages and many advertisers are promoting their businesses on Facebook. How can they use Facebook advertisements? The answer is basic: Images, videos, comments, live videos, and stories. All of them provide to reach out to many people. I do not want to forget about Instagram even if it has 1000 million active users, there are good opportunities for businesses to put their advertisements as well.

I think getting an overview of the distribution of social media usage would be helpful in order to get an idea about how social media can be useful for businesses and that is why before starting to my topic, I wanted to give you some small brief about it.

AI for Advertising

I want to remind you about the first add by AI: In 2018, Lexus released what it called the first advertisement scripted by artificial intelligence. In this article, I would like to talk about how AI works for advertising and I will try to give you some examples.

There is the main idea for businesses is that they want to increase their revenue and that is why they are willing to try new formats of advertising. How can be these different formats of ads? In this case, there are thousands of AI tools in order to help and this technology could drive marketing results. First of all, AI uses data and this data is not small, it is big data. I think all of us know about how big data is essential in today’s world and it is not just about the importance, at the same time we need to able to understand it. AI technologies analyze the data in order to understand and based on it also recommend new leads that most likely to close and score leads based on the audience’s behaviors on businesses’ websites. One of the most interesting parts is that artificial intelligence determines how people’s budget used, who sees advertisements, and how campaigns will be effective.

No matter what are you doing or what is your job related to, analyzing is essential to see the performance of it. Machine learning algorithms are working well in order to analyze how ads perform and based on results, it offers recommendations on how to improve performance or solve the issues if there is any.

Why do we receive ads for things we think about?

Whenever I tell people what I do, or think, I often get variations of advertisements of this. For example, one day I was talking with someone about how socks with different colors are cool and the other day an ad for colorful socks appeared on my Instagram news feed. For sure we talked about it but how can we know what is going on? Basically, we might think they listen to our conversation or they can use some secret AI algorithms. However, the truth is different and the truth is, for example, Facebook uses sophisticated demographic and location data to serve up ads. In my case, I saw that advertisement because that company wanted to reach people who may be similar to their customers in my location and my age. Also, if I post from a place with my friends, other people can get the same or similar ads because more data could be collected to solidify the interest connection.

In addition, social media platforms are tracking us and actually they are open about tracking. Why it is possible? It is because most of us like the posts, leave comments, use hashtags, and share our locations and these are good sources for them. There are more for sure; groups we are connected, the other posts that we viewed and our payment information…etc. Social media platforms target us with ads based on data they have collected using machine learning algorithms. Another example of how they can track our information is that if we have used our Facebook account to sign in to a website, they can get an idea about what kind of websites or products we like to view.


There are some examples of vendors that offer AI tools for advertising.

  1. Adobe: Adobe Advertising Cloud is billed at a demand-side platform that unifies advertising data from digital and TV campaigns. As part of the platform, Adobe Sensei, the company’s AI product, offers “predictions on how to get the highest conversions for the lowest costs,” according to the company’s website.
  2. WordStream: WordStream’s AI platform analyzes your advertising campaigns across Facebook and Google Ads, then helps you quickly make changes to campaigns.
  3. GumGum: GumGum’s AI-powered computer vision technology learns from images and videos across the web, then helps you place ads in the exact spots consumers will see them.


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