AI for Recruitment

The advent of AI has transformed everyone’s life. Especially, many businesses and companies have changed their perspectives. As you know is the Human resource department plays a key role in businesses because HR needs to find valuable and well-educated candidates in order to boost businesses’ insight.

Honestly, many people spend their day at least interacting once with AI and does not matter whether they like AI or not. AI can be in different forms such as modern tech services and assistance. Therefore, what I believe is that we need to take it seriously.

In this blog, I want to touch the recruitment process because AI also has entered this area. Traditional recruitments process basically is getting resumes and having a face to face interviews if there are candidates which have been matched their resumes with job requirements. At the end of the day, the process is finished by humans.

I would like to share my thoughts on two perspectives as pros and cons.


  1. Reduce human biases: Humans have feelings for everything and this ‘everything’ could be about nature, animals, furniture, and people. Especially, when they meet with someone, definitely there is bias with each other. That is natural! Let’s think about it for recruiters. Even though they are more professional, there might be biased in some ways such as gender, ethnicity, the age for candidates whether they realize or not. However, in this case, AI could be helpful to focus on the necessary part of the qualifications, because the main goal is finding the right candidate based on their qualifications. AI does not have feelings. If there is no feeling, there will no be the judgment.
  2. Increase efficiency: As I mentioned before, the traditional recruitment process is different and it is a kind of time-consuming because they usually receive resumes which means data almost every day. Selecting the right candidates might be easier than the normal process if AI can help. It means is maximum efficiency.


  1. Lack of human judgment: Lack of judgment looks like a good part whereas sometimes it is necessary. As you know, mostly candidates apply for jobs if there are matching qualifications on the job posting. The recruiters eliminate candidates according to those qualifications. However, there are candidates are out there and they might have typical work experiences but still, they might fit well with that current position. During the interview, HR people can evaluate candidates based on their personalities, abilities, passionates, and ethics. In this point human judgment requires and it is important for the diversity in the workplace.
  2. Accuracy issue: Algorithms need data to be educated and according to those data, they make decisions. The problem is that algorithms can be confused sometimes by formatting and miss valuable and qualified candidates.

Examples of Recruitment Software

Arya: Ayra is a solution that “analyzes resumes, profiles, and information on the web, data uncovers candidates’ stories — creating an understanding of their background, to their tenure at different jobs, to the growth in the companies they have worked for. Each piece of data aligns to relay valuable insight into the characteristics, qualities, performance, and skills of a candidate.”

You can find more here:

Mya: It is a “conversation engine” that “leverages state-of-the-art natural language understanding and machine learning techniques to deliver the industry’s most robust and engaging conversational experience.

You can find more here:


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