Announcing “Introduction to Machine Learning!” Course!

Are you ready to dive into the world of Machine Learning? If you are, we present you our latest addition to our free courses: Introduction to Machine Learning! A great opportunity for anyone who wants to step up their Python knowledge by diving into the world of Machine Learning.

This course requires an elementary Python programming knowledge, therefore we advise you to first take our Introduction to Python and Python for Machine Learning courses to ensure a solid development. Having learnt the necessary coding and library knowledge in the preceding courses, you will easily carve your way to learning the theory of Machine Learning, as well as exercising with a number of assessment tasks and projects which will enhance your competencies.

We will start with the very basics of machine learning and the key terms you need to know. Then we will also explore the items that you will need in your toolkit such as the two most important libraries for ML in Python “Numpy” and “Pandas”. By the end of the course, you will have gained the right skills to tackle a real-life problem, and to train your own machine learning models using state-of-art libraries.

Of course, learning never ends. After your completion, we suggest you to further upgrade your skills with our Introduction to Deep Learning course.

The course has 7 modules, specially designed by world class lecturers from the AI Business School and Google. And you can complete all the modules in just 6 hours!

Ah, we forgot to mention the best part, under the scope of our «10million.AI» initiation you can enroll in this course and receive a certificate COMPLETELY FOR FREE!

To achieve a brand new skillset, feel free to enroll.