Strategic Partnership Announcement: Global AI Hub x DPhi

We are excited to announce that Global AI Hub, a Swiss-based AI community, has initiated a strategic collaboration with the Belgium and India-based AI community DPhi!


Growing AI Communities

The collaboration between these two ecosystems will have immense growth potential for both companies and their respective communities, which will now have the opportunity to network with one another and benefit from both communities’ self-paced courses, real-world AI challenges, events, webinars and international AI bootcamps that can help accelerate their careers. 


Global AI Hub is a Swiss-based leading AI community for everyone with interest in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, and other related fields. They provide a single access point to the global AI ecosystem, offering self-paced technical/non-technical courses, webinars, international AI bootcamps, events, and the opportunity to connect with other enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, developers, and experts. With DPhi joining the Global AI Hub’s ecosystem, they are jointly on their way to becoming the world’s biggest AI community.


Additionally, Global AI Hub is the initiator of the «10million.AI» project, a non-profit and social good initiative to educate 10 million people, 5 million of which will be women, for free on AI, Robotics, Data, and other Digital Technologies. Through this initiative, Global AI Hub believes that every person should have access to these technologies as they are key to solving many of the world’s issues. 


DPhi is a global AI community with headquarters in Belgium and India. It started with the vision to make AI education accessible to everyone and build AI for good to solve key challenges of humanity..  As part of its community initiatives, DPhi provides free AI and data science courses by industry experts from large tech companies or startups worldwide. Over 100K+ learners from 150+ countries have already benefited since its 2020 launch. 


In addition to the valuable educational component on the platform, DPhi also comprises a Crowdsourcing AI Platform which empowers the community members to apply their skills to solve real-world problems. It has fostered AI-driven innovation among several leading companies and solving meaningful problems, including predicting earthquakes to save lives, safeguarding NFTs, and building an AI-powered lens for the blind. Soon DPhi will launch a global AI marketplace with ready-to-use AI solutions built by the best data scientists worldwide.


Making AI Accessible 


When asked about the partnership between Global AI Hub and DPhi, DPhi’s founder and CEO Chanukya Patnaik, said, “At DPhi, we always believe in coming together and working together to make a difference. The strategic collaboration with Global AI Hub is one such example and a very impactful one. For the last few years, Fuat and his team have done amazing work in running several initiatives to engage the community and impart quality AI education. We are now looking forward to intensifying our collaboration with them to create a unique AI ecosystem to prepare the world for the AI era.”


The CEO and Co-Founder of Global AI Hub, Fuat Beser stated: Our vision is to bring together the best and brightest AI developers, researchers and business leaders from around the globe.This partnership is a step forward to make this vision a reality. 


The combined entity of both companies trying to reach the same goal of making AI accessible for everyone will represent one of the leading AI communities in Europe with a global reach.