Öykü Başaran
"if machine learning is the language behind AI, statistics is the grammar of that language"
Why might not data is not like chocolate or different kind of food?
Let's talk about Turkey and Artificial Intelligence, and see a big picture of what is happening in other countries.
Welcome to the HR world. Most of us sure about how the recruitment process could be stressful. I wanted to open a new window to see how AI works with recruitment processes.
Hello everyone, in this part I am going to explain two more tests but specifically, I will focus on an independent two-sample t-test.
Python is the most famous language one for machine learning. If do you want to see how can R used for machine learning, you can have a look at this article. It will start with the basic statistics knowledge.
Welcome to the eCommerce world. There is no doubt is that the eCommerce sector is growing and Data Science involved in it. In this article, I wanted to touch some points related to how Data Science helps eCommerce.
"Which is better tool for Data Science? Do I need to choose one of them or can I use both of them? Are both of them open-source tools?" If you are looking for information related to those questions and feel stuck to make a choice, let's look together deeply.
Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer... "Data" is everywhere and there are data-related jobs. Many professionals often ask, "What is the difference between Data Science, Machine Learning, and Big Data?" I would like to give some insights related to this frequently asked question.