Taner Sekmen
Aibo continues to develop with Computer Vision and Object Recognition systems this year.
You can read my article, which I think will integrate artificial intelligence into the music world in the future and that many people will take a new role in this field.
We can say that an era is beginning when artificial intelligence is also present under the sea. The quality of the developed products is getting better day by day. If the continuity of the projects produced can be achieved, there will be people who will work and contribute in this field.
You can gain much information about NLP, When you read that article. In addition I wrote something that they knew wrong.
Actually artificial intelligence is everywhere so that I want to show where it is in sport. If you have a chance to watch any sports activity, you will see the background on the sports part of artificial intelligence after this article.
You will read my article on how artificial intelligence interacts with us in daily life.
In this article, I tell you something about basic statistics. You will learn what are ordinal,interval, ratio and nominal scales.
You can reach my first article, which is an introduction to basic statistics information, here.
Robo advisory help us to how we will earn money in finance from in the background of artificial intelligence. You will learn background part of AI in the finance.