Deep Learning
Amazon business positioned itself in the center of AI, ML technologies in all levels of its operations. The eCommerce industry is witnessing a redefined form that takes customers to a new level of experience and gratification. Artificial intelligence enables a business to understand its customers better and do so more quickly.
In this article we will learn the basics for adapting IMDB data to binary classification.
🔮 We continue our journey of artificial intelligence with the Keras library, which is highly important in the field of deep learning. Artificial neural networks with one and more layers have many different neural network models. We’ ll examine the RNN neural network model and the LSTM neural network model created by solving a small...
The algorithm behind Benjamin is a deep learning language model 'long short-term memory' (LSTM) recurrent neural network (RNN). Goodwin describes it as “It’s a lot like a more sophisticated version of the auto-complete on your phone, … at each step, you predict the next word, letter, or space… .”
Welcome to the world of artificial intelligence! By the end of this article you’ll fully understand top 3 concepts in technology: artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. Even though most people use them interchangeably, they don’t have the same meanings. Let’s dig in deeper.
5G Networks have been a hot topic for the last few years. And surprisinly, it has become more famous after the coronavirus spread since some people claimed that 5G caused the pandemic although there is no evidence. Leaving all the nonsense discussions aside, let’s focus on the developments coming with 5G.