What is the Squidbot?

We can say that an era is beginning when artificial intelligence is also present under the sea. The quality of the developed products is getting better day by day. If the continuity of the projects produced can be achieved, there will be people who will work and contribute in this field.

Artificial Intelligence In The Healthcare Industry

Artificial intelligence in healthcare is the use of complex algorithms or, in other words, artificial intelligence (AI) to mimic human science in the analysis, interpretation and understanding of complex medical and health data. Although I am a computer engineer, the applications I have implemented before often also touch health care.

Image Segmentation

When deep learning and image processing are blended, of course, one of the most well-known methods of object detection is to segment images. In the image division method, each of the pixels in a region is masked by removing similarities according to some characteristic or calculated properties, such as color values, density, texture.

In-Depth Artificial Neural Networks

Hello everyone, in this article, I will convey to you the logic of the operation of artificial neural networks, which are recognized as the lifeblood of deep learning and form the basis of artificial intelligence, and the methods of deep learning.

Natural Language Processing Series-Word Embedding Methods

Hello, dear readers, more than a beautiful day. In this article, I’ll give you a little information about the science of NLP that I enjoy the most. When it came to word embedding, I went through a process of research from many different sources to get information. And I have to say, one of the things I like to research most in the field of machine learning is natural language processing! Let’s make this beautiful process more fun with you.