Python Data Science Libraries 2 – Numpy Methodology

One of the most important and fundamental libraries in Python is undoubtedly the numpy library. In the continuation of this series, I will first continue with numpy from the pandas library now. In general, its functional structure with library-based features is based on a more robust infrastructure than other libraries. Therefore, it can perform the mathematical operations to be done quickly and in a healthy way. Its expansion is already known as Numerical (num) python (py) in python. As it can be understood from here, it is a library with strong mathematical aspect and possible to reach desired results quickly and easily. It is one of the indispensable building block libraries in Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Basically, it plays a role in the background of every transaction. What is mentioned here is the matrices in the form of arrays and the operations between them according to their states, the calculation of their outputs and the use of matrices in the basis of the work done as a project is the most necessary condition. Although we often see this frequently in Image Processing operations, people who will work in this field must have numpy knowledge in their transactions.


This library, which is used as a whole, offers you mathematical structures suitable for the models you will use. In this way, descriptive explanations of your transactions will also make more sense. As I mentioned in the upper paragraph, matrix operations are the most important event in mathematics. This spreads to the whole of the transactions you are currently doing and numpy provides you convenience in layer-based transaction processes. When we actively process images, we can see the most important layer operations visibly. Even if the OpenCV library carries the necessary load during the operations, operations that are not done through the array structure of any numpy library will not be sustainable. The numpy library is an indispensable value of these works, as there will be matrices and products of matrices behind many operations. It is a fully user-friendly library in line with the possibilities of its functional structure. It is among the top 5 most useful libraries among Python libraries, according to tests conducted by people working in this field worldwide. Usage areas are increasing in direct proportion to this.


Deep learning and Machine Learning topics do not only mean writing long lines of code contrary to popular belief. For this reason, most of the people start writing code or even making a career in this field without knowing the events that are going on in their background. Behind these events lies an extensive knowledge of mathematics and statistics, the best example of which is Image Processing. Because on the back of it is all mathematics, these operations are matrices and there are numpy in the libraries used. This is the biggest proof that this library is active almost everywhere. There is no library in python that is multifunctional in this way. Because there are two libraries that must be found in every field. These are the numpy and pandas libraries. While these provide convenience in both processing the data and performing numerical operations on the data, they show us the differences in the data perspective. This is a proof of the importance of libraries in Python, especially libraries on data processing and data analysis.



I can clearly say that the Numpy library makes a great difference in data shaping and preparation. It has functions that we would call useful in many ways such as reshape, array, exp, std, min, sum in the numpy library. This is actually the most basic level that distinguishes it from other libraries. For those who want to reach the necessary details of this, I will leave information about them in the resources section. From here, you can use the numpy library and what kind of features you can take advantage of, or what kind of convenience you can get in numerical transactions, you can find them yourself from the cheat sheet or numpy’s own website.


Thank you for reading and following my articles until this time, I wish you a good day.









Psychiatric Illness and Social Media

Is there any psychiatric illness of yours based on your posts on social media? I saw a post about it last week on Linkedin and also there was a link to check research out about it. This is such interesting research because as all we know no matter what kinds of technological developments occur, our brain and psychology are affected somehow. Especially, seeing how social media can help to find our illness is pretty cool.

I would like to provide really short explanations: Data was collected across 223 participants and their Facebook posts were used. Of course, those posts include images and texts in order to understand their emotions, reactions, and moods. Their main method was machine learning algorithms and they have found someone who has mental illness a year before the first hospitalization. If you want to get detailed information, you can check the resources part out at the end of this article.

What Does Affect our Mental Health?

It is a well-known fact is that all we live in a society and living there shapes our lives. Society occurs many different kinds of people and all of us exposed to each of their behaviors somehow. For example, we have different cultures, education systems, languages, etc. worldwide, and those differences can create challenges for our psychology. I am not sure if “challenge” is the correct word but what I believe is that our psychology is influenced by what we have seen during the formative years of adolescence.

Furthermore, our family environment is really important for all of us whether it is a nuclear or extended family. Since our first education starts, it evolves with the family. Generally, we copy our parent’s behaviors and implement that system into our lives. Let’s say if your family is likely to trend to violence, it is an undeniable fact is that somehow you will be affected by that environment.

What about Technology…

On the other hand, with the new era, we cannot deny that there are technological developments. Moreover, we already involved in social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. We all spend too much time with these tools and sometimes it is just for fun but sometimes for fighting or explaining ourselves to people that we never met.

How Does Social Media Help to Identify Illness?

According to statistics, the rate of social media usage is really high and it is more common among young people. Also, the rate of mental illness among young people is the highest one when compared to other ages.

So, how social media can help is that young people are both the highest utilizers of social media and among those at the highest risk for the development of mental illness. Based on their post on social media, it is not difficult to come up with the result.

Let’s think deeply about it. For example, when I feel nervous, mostly I watch some TED talk videos to be able to feel more relax and see other people who have the same problems as me. Why? Because in that way I feel I am not alone. In my case, instead of typing some aggressive things on Facebook, I prefer to watch videos. However, some people, especially young people might prefer to post messages on Facebook and based on the language that they used can bring into the open their behaviors at that moment.

As we know, the Facebook algorithm gathers information about us using our location, political views, religion, etc and identifies many things about us even we think we are good at hiding them. Even though we cannot share our feeling with another person, these social media helps us somehow to do not feel lonely. At the same time, it can help to find out our psychological issues if we have.

If you would like to check another article, please have a look at it:




Time to Break up with Technology – Is it possible?

Perhaps, it is time to break up with technology – I would be really happy if there is any chance. 🙂 What I have noticed is that screen time is increasing in my life day by day. Unfortunately, it is not only because of work, but it is also due to pandemic all we are stuck at home. Like: watching movies on Netflix, some videos on Youtube, playing video games, checking social media, and if it is weekdays, working on the computer.

There has to be a life more than this. Actually, there was before the pandemic, for example, at least we all working at the office and knew when to finish our duties. However, even though right now we finish our daily duties, again we need to stick with the technology to be able to find something to be enjoyed – such a sad!

According to Jean Twenge, a psychology professor at San Diego State University, “there’s lots of great things to do online, but moderation is often the best rule for life, and it’s no different when it comes to screens.”

If you want you can have a look at this article:

What problems can technology cause?

I think all we know what kinds of problems can occur but I would like to touch some of them again with the examples of my daily life.

Although I know the causes and results, I cannot stop myself to check my phone before sleeping. Also, I am watching some series on Netflix, and if those series are most excited or emotional, it affects my quality of sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I feel tired and need more sleep even I sleep more than 7 hours. As a result of it, sometimes it might create a focus problem on some productive tasks that I need to work on.

What is the solution?

Well, it is difficult to give a list of how to protect ourselves but there are many pieces of research about it. Based on those researches;

  1. We need to define what kinds of screen time makes us unhappy and affect. As I mentioned about myself, in my case it could be watching the emotional series. On the other hand, for you, that could be reading some articles, having time on Facebook or other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  2. The most important part is a no-phone zone because according to Dr. Twenge, people who keep phones in their bedrooms sleep more poorly. I have been hearing this since my childhood but my question is to myself is that do I apply it in my life? Unfortunately, my answer is no. Especially, the blue light from screens can affect our eyes and also trick our brains into thinking about what we read. In order to create no-phone zones, we need to agree with ourselves about when and where. For example, dinner and lunchtime no phone, while sleeping, no phone in the room, while having time with a family no phone, and etc.
  3. If the phone is with us, we need to turn off all notifications except a few of the necessary ones. In my case, all WhatsApp groups and almost all apps notifications are off, and my phone is in silent mode without vibrations. At least it helps me to stay away from my phone a bit.
  4. The other thing is physical activities such as exercise, sports. Also, cleaning a room can help 🙂 Why it is important because physical activities definitely increase our level of dopamine which helps to pleasure from what we do.

Some Statistics

I would like to give you some statistics:

Social Media Usage Statistics

  • According to a study in 2017, there are about 210 million people addicted to the internet and social media worldwide.
  • American smartphone users, on average, launch social media apps 17 times a day. On the other hand, countries like Thailand, Argentina, Malaysia, and Mexico, open social media apps more than 40 times daily.
  • Young, single women are the most addicted to social media among all market segments.
  • 52% of US adults get their news on social media.

Statistics of Effects of Social Media Addiction Facts

  • People who use Facebook more than once per hour are more likely to experience conflicts with their partners.
  • 21% of the same age group feel restless when they’re unable to check messages on social media.
  • Between 11%-43% of social media users in the US feel bad when their posts receive only a few likes.






The Story of Artificial Intelligence

The story of artificial intelligence dates back to antiquity. Classical philosophers who worked to explain human thinking as a mechanical process of manipulating symbols, essenced the idea of AI technology afterwards. Significantly, with the invention of programmable computers in 1940; scientist took such philosophy a step forward and began to research whether it is possible to build an electronic brain which functions like the human brain.The period of tremendous technological developments accelerated with World War 2 has lasted 20 years after 1940 and it has been the most important era for the birth of AI. 

During such period important works on relating the machine and human functions together have been put forward. Cybernetics had an important role in such work. According to the leader of the area, Norbert Wiener, the aim of cybernetics was to create a theory that can be used to understand the control and communication mechanisms of both animals and machines. Moreover, in 1943, Warren McMulloch and Walter Pitts created the first computer and mathematical model of the biological neuron. With analyzing the developed models of neurons and their networks, they improved logical functions that worked with idealized artificial neurons. Such invention was the foundation of today’s neural networks.

Computing Machinery and Intelligence by Alan Turing.

Retrieved from:


The well-known works like “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” by Alan Turing which question the possible intelligence of a machine, have been put forward at the beginning of 1950. Alan Turing answered such question in his paper with the test called the Turing Test. Such Test suggested that if computers come to a place where they can’t be distinguished with humans in a conversation, now that it can be said that they are thinking like humans. Even though there have been many arguments on such test, it is known as the first serious philosophical claim on AI.  Alan Turing’s work with John Von Naumann had a significant influence on AI’s future, also. Although their work was not referred to as AI, it had the main logic behind it. They have put forward decimal and binary logics of computers and showed that computers can universally be used on execution of programs. 

The term and the discipline of ‘AI’ was founded in the Summer Conference in Dartmouth College, 1956; especially in a workshop organized during the conference. The 6 participants of the workshop, including John McCharthy and Marvin Minsky, became the leaders of AI discipline for the following years. They have foreseen that a machine that thinks like a human can be developed in not much time and have been funded for such vision. After such significant workshop, important works have been put forward – such as programs of reasoning in search, natural language and micro-worlds – sophisticated new programs led computers to execute mathematical, geometrical problems and learn languages.  Such influential works increased the optimism about AI’s future. According to one of the AI leaders of the era Marvin Minsky, for only in one generation artificial intelligence would be solved to a great extent. 

The future leaders of AI in Dartmouth Summer Conference, 1965.

Retrieved from:


However, the optimism did not last for so long. The critics on the area of AI have arisen fast especially at the beginning of 1970’s. Such critics mainly concentrated on the relatively slow progress the area is taking in the era of over anticipation. Eventually, governmental fundings on the researches have been cut and there began a serious slow back in AI advancement that is known as the ‘First AI Winter’. After a period of slow progress on AI technologies, in the 1980’s the advancement of expert systems – a computer that has the knowledge about a subject as its expert – and the invention of microprocessors started the acceleration in the advancement on AI again, fundings started to be directed again especially on the information based expert systems. However, even though such projects had significance on the history of artificial intelligence, ‘Second AI Winter’ started in the 1980’s due to similar criticisms and irrational over hype. Fundings were cut again in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, such periods were financially difficult times for AI researchers. For instance, the articles related to AI in the New York Times started to decrease in 1987 and had its lowest point in 1995. 

Deep Blue vs. Gary Kasparov

Retrieved from:


Even in such difficult times, developments in the area continued. With the help of Moore’s Law’s applications, computers had much higher capacities while working faster than ever. Also, other concepts’ implications in computer science, such as probability, decision theory, Bayesian networks and many more, had strong influence in AI’s development. Eventually in 1997, IBM’s expert system Deep Blue defeated chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov. Especially for gaining  anticipation again, such victory was also an important milestone in AI history.
After such, as it is known the advancements in the 2000’s and especially 2010’s were exponential with the help of tremendous amounts of data and much faster processing systems. In 2020, loads of new articles are published about new AI researches and developments everyday. Furthermore, the up and downs explained in the history of AI, created the advanced technology that it is today. 


Veganism and Artificial Intelligence

Veganism and artificial intelligence are good topics to discuss because they look mysterious to me. We know how artificial intelligence is everywhere but what about the relationship between veganism, do we know about it?
I was a vegetarian for a few years and, to be honest, it was one of my good diets. Actually, Turkey is often associated with cuisines made up out of meat but also we have many non-meat dishes. Okay, if I turn back to our topic is I wonder about how artificial intelligence can affect veganism whether in a good or bad way. However, first, let’s have a look at what does vegan means.

What is veganism?

The term “vegan” was chosen by combining the first and last letters of “vegetarian.” It is an undeniable fact is that being vegan is really popular whether its purpose is for health or for caring about animals. Of course, behind being vegan, there are different kinds of reasons such as ethics, health, and environment.
This is not for a few months, this is a lifestyle and vegan people prefer to not consume all animal and animal products such as dairy, eggs, cheeses, meats, fishes, etc. However, this situation should not consign you that they have to eat just vegetables and fruits – because it is totally wrong! For example:

  • Beans
  • Lentils
  • Tofu
  • Hummus
  • Seeds
  • Plant milk
  • Whole grains

Those are just a few examples of foods that they can consume.
Before finishing a short explanation of veganism, I would like to add some bullet points of types of veganism:

  • Whole-food vegans
  • Raw-food vegans
  • Dietary vegans

What does Artificial Intelligence have an impact on veganism?

There is a huge investment in plant-based industry and I think in the future many big companies/businesses will be involved in it more than before. Well, this investment is not only for food, but it is also for clothes, shoes. Sometimes, I get advertisements or see comments related to “vegan clothes”, “vegan creams”, etc. on my social media accounts – I think it is because I am interested in these areas.

If you would like to learn more about advertisement, you can have a read this article:

According to my research, what I have seen is that artificial intelligence can positively impact. As all we know, we are having difficult moments due to the pandemic and it will not be the last and we will not live on this planet forever also because of climate change. There is a question from my side is that does the plan-based product really mean healthy? I mean if we talk about the health factor of being vegan, the products are supposed to be healthy – if they are not, so where is the purpose of this health factor? I think there are many points that shape things whether we realize them or not.

Some Examples:

While some questions arise, if the companies are going to produce plant-based products first they need to start to search the planet for eligible plants. After that for sure, the analysis step will be required. As you assume, we talk about the whole planet so it means they need “scientists” and some “specific processes” to deal with a huge dataset. How AI can help is that it has the capacity to process complex algorithms to predict. Moreover, AI can find combine different recipes easily and predict which ones will be loved by humans based on human behaviors because also those behaviors are data that AI used.
The other part is we need to be careful about what we eat because of our body system. We need to have a balance between protein, carbohydrate, and etc., and what has been thought us is animal products have necessary molecules for our bones for example. So, the companies should find something to replace animal products and for it, AI helps to produce cheaper and tastier options for consumers.


Buy Sell Algorithm with Moving Average

Data Scientists working in the field of finance usually make calculations such as portfolio optimization, trading transactions and portfolio return. This work is very important on the stock market. Because every decision made affects the amount of profit to be made. Therefore, it should be integrated into the system being worked on by choosing the steps carefully. There is a mechanism in the stock exchange that interacts with the world, and companies that can quickly adapt to its changes should quickly make a difference and become sustainable. In this way, while revealing their difference, they can change their marketing style and be active in the market. Companies that offer consultancy as a brand and have a high potential to adapt to changes can frequently mention their names. Machine learning and deep learning algorithms are deeply worked in the background of robot consultants. Every company that offers robot consultants has a solid infrastructure in its own right. Even if the coding part is a bit complicated, the moment we reach the conclusion part, we will see the whole success with our own eyes. Based on this, I put the output as an example in the bottom picture.

Actually, the picture you see above represents the final state of the project. For those who want to reach, I will leave the whole code in the resources section and you will be able to adapt it to your own systems easily. I should indicate that as a note. I did this encoding using the company Aselsan Turkey Located in the stock market. In addition, any transaction you see here is not investment advice. After specifying these, we add the libraries as you see below and read our data set. Then we code the describe () function to get statistical output about the data. The variable we are dealing with here will be on the ‘close’ variable, which represents the closing of the exchange. I made my own analysis by taking the dates of the data set as of January 1, 2017. You can make your analysis at any time you want, but the only thing that should be, the historical data set for the stock must be in the necessary libraries so that you can use it as I use it. Otherwise, your code will not run and will generate errors. You can examine the details of the code for which I put the Github link. If you have any questions, you can contact me at my e-mail address.

There are many different methods of technical analysis within the stock market. Here we will continue on the moving average entirely. The moving average method is one of the most common methods used in the stock market. Thanks to this method, there are many people who instantly follow the trading style transactions in the stock market. There are still technical analysis methods that we will add to these. Examples include RSI, Bolinger Band, MACD, and Fibonacci Correction Levels. The lines you see at the bottom are the moving average method that will make horse sell transactions for us with the window () function. The blue line in the image represents the actual prices. Apart from this, the intersection points of other lines turn to us as buy and sell and we can measure the return ourselves. Thanks to the function I named buy_sell, it takes the necessary actions for us. This makes the preparation for us. The functioning of this place for us indicates that all of the transactions are completed. Now only the necessary assignments have been made and the visual representation of the function is as I showed it at the beginning. To do this, the matplotlib library will help you.

The rest of this article will come as long as I improve myself and I am thinking of writing this in a series. I aim to explain to you the effects of the trading and technical analysis methods used in the stock exchange and help everyone who thinks about a career in this field. There are many start-ups in the stock market that trade through robot advisors. In addition, large companies on the basis of the sector continue to provide continuity while discovering new things in the market by investing in many small companies that will work in this field and are open to development. As it is known, the stock market can be affected by even the smallest things and change the profit and loss situations quickly. Large companies, who have information about what will happen before, preserve their profit margin by taking firm steps in the market by predicting such volatile environments. There are many technical analysis methods in the analysis systems used while creating them. The scalability of such processes can also guarantee how the system will react and that it will respond positively. I will continue to evaluate the share prices and process the technical analysis methods on the Python programming language. You can follow up and give feedback for this.



A Phenomenon: Time loop

We heard about a time loop, parallel worlds and etc. but do we know exactly what is it? Basically, the time loop is a phenomenon when some periods of time are repeated and re-experienced by somebody. The things happen over and over again. Also, we see it in many movies – those movies/series are my favorites ones so far. There is a series called a Russian Doll on Netflix and it is about the time loop. If I need to tell what is based on is that Nadia’s personal journey and she is going through repeated moments. She dies repeatedly, always returning at the same moment where she was and of course she tries to figure out what is happening to her. For sure, there are some sub-topics like addictions or issues but my main topic is about the time loop and I would like to go deep.

What is the Time loop?

Mostly we call it “déjà vu” and I am sure most of us at least once experienced it. These areas are really deep and make us confuse if we are not familiar with these terms and/or moments. Honestly, I am not familiar with it but it grabs my interest because it does not mean that it does not happen to someone else even if I cannot understand totally. Therefore, I did a quick research about it, and according to my research, there are two different kinds of time loops. The first one is called the “causal paradox” and another one is called the “ontological paradox” and this is also known as the bootstraps paradox.
The causal paradox exists when events in the future trigger a sequence of events in the past whereas the ontological paradox involves an object or person to create the loop. As a note, their origin cannot be determined.
The time loop happens without ending and our memories are reset once we restart to repeat moments. The thing is everything looks normal actually we live normal until a point that we experience the same things again.

Time loop: Why, How, When…?

Of course, we would like to travel to a different time whether it is in the past or future. Sometimes, we may want to change the events that possible to happen in the future – it is an inevitable wish. There is an example of how we desire to learn something about the future and in my culture, we have “fortune-telling”. Despite all the real world, sometimes for fun sometimes for real, fortune-telling becomes an important one of the moments. I know this example exactly is not about the time loop but it is about time travel and these topics are related to each other.
On the other hand, there is something related to human behaviors because we would like to know more about a mystery, about our brain functions, how we react to things…

If you would like to learn about brain activities and developments, check this article out:

Usually, I ask myself how AI will be playing a role in the time loop area if AI is going to affect every single area. It is not easy to get the correct answer but I will try to understand.

Artificial Intelligence and the Time Loop

As I tried to mention above, there are some different kinds of concepts. For example, how to get there whether it is past or future; after getting there how the things can be changed by events and/or persons. What AI can do is that predict the future that possible to happen. Therefore, even with the basic concepts, we try to predict the possible future and take an action based on it. In today’s world, we use from house to factory, many tools developed through machine learning algorithms and want them to make our lives more easy and valuable. So, I am asking can we use AI for time travel? Why not? AI uses and monitors data from different sources and based on it creates machine learning models to have impacts in the future – Such an excited.
However, a big challenge is that we might change possibilities based on our understanding of future events. And actually, it is not only about the changing possibilities, also the challenge is to manage multiple pathways with multiple data. It looks really complicated to me.


Credit Scoring / Credit Analysis

There are certain start-ups that every company will invest in or help with financial development. As a result of certain analyzes, the investor company determines the company to invest and acquire. In this way, taking the development into account, the amount of contribution to be provided in direct proportion to the return is calculated in advance. This kind of analysis method has been developed in banks among their customers by data scientist . In short, credit scoring transactions are carried out between the bank and the customer in the loan application. The purpose of doing this is basically evaluated with tests to see if people actually pay or will be able to pay the loan they will receive. This is called credit scoring in machine learning. After the transactions, a positive or negative feedback is made to the person applying for the loan. There are many metrics that evaluate in this direction. As an example to these; There are many features that will be examined in more detail, such as the amount of wages people get, their career history, their previous loan status, and so on. As a result of their evaluation, 1 and 0 values ​​that will be formed give us positive or negative meaning.

Banks do extensive research on this subject, as in most subjects, and after analyzing the data they have, they put them into machine learning processes. As a result of these processes, the final model is prepared by performing a few optimization operations on the logic testing steps. Then these situations are accelerated and tested for people who apply for almost every loan. Values ​​0 and 1 are assigned as values. As a result of the transactions, the output of 0 does not suggest us to give credit to this person, and vice versa, when the output of 1 comes, it makes the customer segmentation process for us by saying “you can give credit to this person”.After the last step is completed thanks to the data science staff, the last step for us is to return this information to the required departments, finalize the applications of the individuals according to the results and return. The importance of analysis is critical for a bank. Because the smallest mistakes made can cause the loss of large amounts. For this reason, every credit scoring transaction should return to the bank positively.

Credit scoring transactions are of great importance for every bank. The amount of money out of the safe and the failure of the person to be loaned to fully fulfill its responsibility will cause major financial problems. Therefore, the data science team working at the back should be experts in this field and evaluate the measures according to every circumstance. In addition, people’s personal information should be analyzed thoroughly and a logical return to their application should be made. After arranging the data pre-processing steps and performing the operations on the necessary variables, the process is about getting a little more data ready. Another critical issue in credit scoring is the data pre-processing steps and the analysis steps to be taken afterwards. The Data Science team should do the engineering of variables themselves and analyze the effects of variables and their correlations correctly. After these processes, it will be inevitable that a logical result will occur. To minimize the margin of error, it is all about adjusting the data almost perfectly and evaluating the necessary parameters.

It is necessary to create the machine learning algorithm at the very beginning of the processes required to perform credit scoring and the variables should be checked once more before the model. Because the transactions are completely related to variables. Therefore, the effect of categorical or numerical variables on the model differs. Also, while setting up this model, it must be adjusted carefully. If the parameters we will use are specifically using the Python programming language, the parameters can be tested thanks to the GridSearchCV () method, and then the most suitable parameters are integrated into the model. Thus, it can proceed more successfully in credit scoring. This increases the level of service provided, so that people can meet their expectations and provide a personalized service to suit them. People with a high level of satisfaction develop their bond with the bank. Additionally, they feel more confident psychologically. The most basic feature of people is to feel belonging or connected somewhere. Providing this can increase the customer potential owned. If you want your own advertisement to be made, you can keep a good bond with your customers and increase their loyalty to you. One of the things that directly affects this is undoubtedly credit scoring.

References :

The Movie “Her”: An Approach to Human-Intelligent Machine Interactions

Seven years ago, under the direction of Spike Jonze, a not-so-classic movie was released, although it contains a classic romance at its core: Her. As in all romantic movies, the girl saves the man from the depressive process and leaves the man in solitude when their full relationship reaches top speed. Despite this classic script, it is the most talked-about and still analyzed film of the year it was released.

During Covid: Technological Innovations

What are the most important technological innovations that we have learned during covid? We are currently having Covid second wave and it seems like it will be tougher than the first one. New lockdown rules were decided to apply by many countries. On the other hand, there are good signs related to vaccines that possible to develop in the near future.
Have you read?
The advent of technology transformed our lives from artificial intelligence to nanotechnology even before Covid. However, while going through these global challenges, we all understood is how technological innovations are the key to us.
According to Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2020, I would like to provide some insights into healthcare.

1. Virtual Patients

I really like this virtual patient idea because it can create opportunities like faster and safer clinical trials. For this idea, high-quality images of organs are needed, and to be able to understand these organs’ functions, mathematical and statistical models are another necessary part. Why do I like this technology? Because, as I mentioned before, Covid is a huge challenge for humanity. However, especially doctors are suffering a lot more than other job groups because they have to contact patients somehow – it is a huge risk! Instead of physically contacting virtual organs or body systems could be helpful in the initial assessments of treatments. It means safer, too.

2. Digital Medicine

What is this digital medicine and improvements? This medicine contains sensors and these sensors send data to apps to detect issues. First of all, this is a good opportunity for people who have limited access to health services. Again my example will be related to Covid because people who are from a rural area have a lack of health services, unfortunately. As all we know, early diagnosis is really significant and with this medicine, the app could be helpful to track the therapies.

3. Microneedles

The big advantage of microneedles is painless injections for sure – At least for me. Since my childhood, I scared of needles and I cannot see any blood or even blood drop. Unfortunately, it irritates me and I have a memory of it. It was my first experience of donating blood and I went to the hospital in the morning without having breakfast. After donating my blood, as soon got up, I fainted and what I only remembered thing when I opened my eyes is nurses.
If I turn back to the topic, these microneedles penetrate the skin without pain and even mixed into creams. It means we can use them easily without having any trouble. On the other hand, these microneedles could allow do our blood tests at home and analyze them, after analyzing we can send the results to the hospital. This is another good part because we do not need to wait in long lines for the blood testing and probably this process will not be expensive. Thus, care will be more accessible from urban areas to rural areas.


Imagine a world where we have developed many things to help humanity, eradicated diseases, and issues. Such amazing!


Mobile Application Development

FaCiPa Series – 3

FaCiPa Series 2 I wanted to write the mobile application side, which is the last series of my articles because I got very nice returns leftover from my article. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to talk to you today about the project I’ve been developing for a year! In this article, we will talk with you about FaCiPa’s mobile interface.
Since the project included Python programming language and API-side encodings, different options such as kiwi or Ionic were available as a platform. Other articles I have written for Ionic can be found at the links below. In these links, you can briefly get information about What is Ionic, The working structure of the Ionic project, and its use with the Semantic UI. In addition, since TypeScript is written with a code structure, you can also review the article I wrote about it. Below are the most common explanations about the Ionic Framework:

👉 This open source library is built on Cordova.
👉 It is a library that allows even Web developers to develop mobile applications.

Mobile Application Design
First, we start by creating a new project on the Ionic Framework, the mobile platform for FaCiPa.

Then we create a page with the ionic generate command.
Generate Page
Ionic Page
In the application, there is a home page, registration page, and analysis page to start with, so 4 pages should be created together with the home page in total.
All files


The framework that will be used in FaCiPa’ s mobile interface has been selected as Ionic. More use of mobile devices than computers, the increase of mobile applications, the diversity of mobile devices, and the presence of different operating systems have led software developers to find different mobile solutions. In addition to native application development, it has become an important need to create an application structure that can also be run on any platform over time, and hybrid applications that can be developed with the support of languages such as HTML5 and JavaScript have emerged [1].
Ionic Framework, especially Angular.js, the first choice of programmers with JS or Angular 2 experience is usually Ionic. Open source, Ionic is home to thousands of mobile apps with thousands of followers and supporters. The Ionic Framework, which in its own words has “first-class” documentation, is a convenient and easy-to-learn library.
🏗 The Ionic Framework is built on Cordova. Cordova provides access to the hardware and system resources of the mobile device. You can run it on mobile operating systems such as Android, IOS, or Windows Phone. You can even publish this app as a mobile-compatible website in a convenient way. HTML, JavaScript, and Angular are basically the basis for developing applications with Ionic. knowing js will be enough. Visual Studio Cide platform was used as a platform in the project. The designs of the application are src\pages\home\home.html like .HTML files with the HTML extension are laid out with HTML5. The necessary CSS designs are src\pages\home\home.scss like .scss files it was done in files with the SCSS Extension [1].
📷 The photos that will be used in the project are determined to be taken from the user in the first step and then reduced to 1 photo in order to not tire the user and reduce the processing load of the machine. The user receives the app from Mobile stores and instantly takes photos and sends this photo to the server for processing.
🛡 The backend section of the application is src\pages\home\ ts .files with the TS extension are made in TypeScript.
Upload Camera


A warning appears above the content of the application and must be manually removed by the user so that they can continue to interact with the application. In the application, an ion-alert warning is given for the user to take the correct photo.
🔎 Title: Title of the warning box
🔎 Subtitle: Warning text
🔎 Buttons: The button used to remove the warning if the OK button is clicked, the photoOne() method is executed and the photo is taken.
Ionic Alert


The Ionic camera plug-in is a necessary plug-in for taking photos or videos from mobile devices. Cordova plugin requires: cordova-plugin-camera
🔎 Quality
🔎 destinationType: Destination Type
🔎 encodingType: Coding Types
🔎 media Type: Media Type (Picture)
Install Camera
Install Cam


Wireframe Templates
As content, you can design your application’s pages completely freely. The wireframe drawing you saw above was a drawing designed when the project first started. Then we created the designs of the project. I have to say as a footnote that, unfortunately, our product does not support English, so I have to share it in Turkish.
The visuals I have given above are the analysis page of the project and the feedback on the analysis result. Thus, we have come to the end of FaCiPa. Thank you for following it patiently. Stay healthy ✨


  2. R. L. Delinger, J. M. VanSwearingen, J. F. Cohn, K. L. Schmidt, “Puckering and Blowing Facial Expressions in People With Facial Movement Disorders,” J. Phys Ther, vol. 88, pp. 909-915, August 2008.
  3. The Spreading of Internet and Mobile Technologies: Opportunities and Limitations, Hasan GULER, Yunis SAHİNKAYASİ, Hamide SAHİNKAYASİ. Journal of Social Sciences Volume 7 Issue 14 December 2017, 03.10.2017-27.10.2017.

Importance of Data Quality and Data Processing

The subject that the whole world talks about and is now seen as the most important thing in the new order is data. Data is processed in many different ways and is prepared to extract information from it. It is a structure that gives a different dimension that changes the direction of the world on its own. Today companies actually exist as much as the knowledge they have. The readily obtained data may be inferior to the data you have collected yourself, the details of which you know. Therefore, you can spend a lot of time on data processing and extend the project time. This can be a big disadvantage for you. It is entirely up to you to measure the quality of the incoming data and arrange them in a certain order. If the data quality is really bad, it can be integrated into the system after the final preparations are made by carefully applying the data processing steps above it.
The biggest mistake made by software developers who are at the beginning level is to process the data that is prepared cleanly. To level up, you can create a data set yourself and analyze it. While this gives you self-confidence, the solutions you find in the face of the difficulties you encounter are what will lead you to a great deal of progress, so that you will reach the ‘problem solving ability’ that many big companies care about. Dealing with the data you collect yourself will prepare you for real-life problems. People who want to pursue a career in Data Science should find a solution to a real problem by collecting their own data and adjusting this data so that they can finally go to the product stage. Thanks to the project phases it has developed, it can easily continue its career with a high level of experience in matters such as processing information, product development, and finding solutions to real life problems.

The most important issue for the Data Scientist is data. If there is no data, no solution can be found, and the people who have the data will hold the power in the new era. In the future world order, we can call the data that will give full direction to the world. There are data flowing live at every stage of life, and processing them and making logical inferences is an extremely important skill for the century we live in. Understanding the information obtained from the data well and finding solutions to the problems that may arise is another situation that will provide convenience in finding a job in the future. The most important issue opened to the subject of artificial intelligence is a project and the existence of quality data for that project. Data quality has full say in determining how long the project is to be formed and its maximum destination. There is no matter as important as data quality because if the data is of poor quality, there are many problems to occur.
Another issue, which is as important as data quality, is to perform data processing steps correctly. Data science, machine learning, artificial learning, deep learning or artificial intelligence, whatever you call it, all it takes for these jobs to become a product is data. In addition, the quality of this data and the fact that the data processing steps are prepared at a very good level directly affect the processes of the projects where these names are made. The most critical situation is to pass data processing steps, topics that will be presented as products. After you have overcome such vital points, you can quickly navigate by using mathematical, engineering or statistical information on the part of the work to become a product. This situation accelerates your project and motivates you. Thus, you can move to a different dimension by acting with the motivation you get and the pushing power you have.

The conditions of the world will continue to change continuously throughout the century we live in. It is the data itself that is determined to lead this change. The data, called the new oil, is literally petroleum for the new century. Processing them and obtaining logical results is the main goal of everyone. Persons working in this field must have strong numerical knowledge and have experience in data processing. It should benefit the units it works with by actively using its problem-solving intelligence from the first moment it takes the data. Data processing; It is a technique that has the power to change success scores in machine learning and deep learning. This technique, if used correctly, can easily achieve the achievable maximum score levels.
The thing that contributes to the development of smart systems and their full penetration into our lives has been created thanks to quality data. If you want to produce quality works for the project to be worked on, you must first collect the data you have on the basis of quality and solid foundations. If this is not the case, you can keep your project ready by performing a very good data processing phase and finishing before the project. Thus, it saves you both time and gives you confidence in the quality of the data you will deal with while getting to the job, and you will need to solve problems over data in a minimal way during the project steps. Data quality is the life source of projects. People who have had the opportunity to work with good data know exactly what I mean. Remember, good data means a good project, a good working order and good results.

I hope you like. If you like it, you can give me a return by stating it in the comments.

Gig Economy: Uber, Netflix, Amazon, Airbnb

Is the Gig Economy really important? How Amazon, Netflix, Uber, and Airbnb have become so successful? What is the main purpose of Uber and Netflix? Many of us want to be rich, successful, and respected persons and some of us want to build Billion Dollar Business Models to become a more powerful person. Have you thought about it if it is not as difficult as we might think?

  • Amazon: Changed the way people shop, taking over a huge part of the retail industry.
  • Airbnb: Changed the way people in hotel stays.
  • Netflix: Reinvented the video and movie rental industry.
  • Uber: Changed the way people form transportation. E.g. ride-sharing

Let’s back to our question – How? It is an undeniable fact is that they spend their time on IT infrastructure, but for sure technology alone could not have accounted for their success. It is possible to be heard a term called “user experience” by many of us and this term has become really important because those unicorns focused on their users’ expectations, needs, desires… etc. I think it is the basic explanation of the user experience.
Let’s look at more detailed explanations of the two of them:


What is the main purpose of Uber as a Gig Economy?

There are many Gig Economy examples such as Amazon, Netflix, Uber, Airbnb. However, in this paragraph, I am going to explain Uber.
Based on Wikipedia’s description of Uber is an American company that offers vehicles for hire, food delivery (Uber Eats), package delivery, couriers, freight transportation, and, through a partnership with Lime, electric bicycle and motorized scooter rental. What I remember is Uber can be the early adopter of the Gig Economy, and what is obvious thing is that the way people form of transportation was changed by its service. I would like to give you statistics about Uber trips by year and according to Forbes, Uber provided 6.9 Billion rides in 2019 – Such an amazing!
Looking at things from a different perspective is really matters because as all we know taxies are concern with regulations. For example, if I want to go somewhere, I have to call a cab or search for it and if I am lucky I can find one; or if I am on a street and need a cab, first the taxi drivers have to be satisfied with my “long trip” because of price. Let’s say my trip is not “long”, they even do not let me get a ride. On the other hand, Uber provides a passenger-friendly riding experience, it is easy to order a cab with a simple app and there are really flexible pricing options whether the trip is long or short because it has a user-centric experience.


What is the main purpose of Netflix as a Gig Economy?

There are many Gig Economy examples such as Amazon, Netflix, Uber, Airbnb. However, in this paragraph, I am going to explain Netflix.
The main purpose of Netflix is to focus on its users and what they wanted. According to the latest numbers, Revenue earned by Netflix in Q1 of 2020 is $5.77 billion. The behind story is similar to Uber because as I mentioned they focused on what customers want, desires, and what are their frustrations and etc. What do customers want? They want to be able to watch different kinds of movies without high prices and limitations. So if I give you a basic answer to what Netflix is doing is a subscription-based rental system. Moreover, Netflix has a different pricing structure around the world. Here’s what you get with each plan:

  • Basic: The Basic streaming plan costs $8.99 per month and has the most limited features. You can only use it on a single screen at a time (which is fine if you’re the only user of the account), and resolution is limited to standard definition (SD), which is equivalent to old, pre-HD television.
  • Standard: The Standard streaming plan costs $13.99 per month and allows you two watch on two screens at a time in high definition (HD).
  • Premium: The Premium streaming plan costs $17.99 per month. For that, you can watch on four screens at once (ideal for a large family), and you can video programming in HD or 4K Ultra HD, if available.

There is a link that similar to this topic if you would like to read how the advertisement systems work


All these businesses having their services with the help of big data and data analysis. They identify their customers’ expectations and doing analysis but of course to be able to make data meaningful they need huge datasets. In addition, they need to expand their businesses more, and more and it means attracting new customers is the other step. Therefore, they need to improve their business models and revenues with different solutions, and all solutions are related to each other.


What is the Squidbot?

We can say that an era is beginning when artificial intelligence is also present under the sea. The quality of the developed products is getting better day by day. If the continuity of the projects produced can be achieved, there will be people who will work and contribute in this field.

Artificial Intelligence In The Healthcare Industry

Artificial intelligence in healthcare is the use of complex algorithms or, in other words, artificial intelligence (AI) to mimic human science in the analysis, interpretation and understanding of complex medical and health data. Although I am a computer engineer, the applications I have implemented before often also touch health care.