Machine Learning
Amazon business positioned itself in the center of AI, ML technologies in all levels of its operations. The eCommerce industry is witnessing a redefined form that takes customers to a new level of experience and gratification. Artificial intelligence enables a business to understand its customers better and do so more quickly.
Hello everyone, in this part I am going to explain two more tests but specifically, I will focus on an independent two-sample t-test.
Python is the most famous language one for machine learning. If do you want to see how can R used for machine learning, you can have a look at this article. It will start with the basic statistics knowledge.
A wave of change is hitting the healthcare systems and will continue to do so after the pandemic. The innovation in digital healthcare is tremendous, but the pace of application has been slow for years, and very few hospital executives have taken it upon themselves to begin a digitization strategy.
"Which is better tool for Data Science? Do I need to choose one of them or can I use both of them? Are both of them open-source tools?" If you are looking for information related to those questions and feel stuck to make a choice, let's look together deeply.
Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer... "Data" is everywhere and there are data-related jobs. Many professionals often ask, "What is the difference between Data Science, Machine Learning, and Big Data?" I would like to give some insights related to this frequently asked question.
📍 Sensitivity analysis is a method used to judge someone’s feelings relative to a particular thing or to make sense of their feelings. It is basically a text processing process that aims to identify the class that the given text wants to express emotionally. Emotion analysis is also the name given to Idea mining over...
Welcome to the world of artificial intelligence! By the end of this article you’ll fully understand top 3 concepts in technology: artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. Even though most people use them interchangeably, they don’t have the same meanings. Let’s dig in deeper.