Chocolate and Data

A few days ago was World Chocolate Day (7th July), I was reading some articles and suddenly I was guided to a page that is related to ‘why data is like chocolate?’ Honestly, I took it as a sign and decided to share my thoughts about it.

I have seen many definitions of data and data related jobs or how is data important for businesses. My school defines big data analytics as to the sexiest job of the 21st century… etc.

So why might not data is not like chocolate or different kind of food?

Let’s think about food first. Foods contain different kinds of ingredients and based on those ingredients, they have flavor such as salty, sweet, spicy, or sour. Sometimes the prices of some brands can be higher than others, it is quite normal because also it depends on many factors like ingredients. Let’s think about chocolate, specifically. There are thousands of chocolates around the market and also some of them called ‘organic’. Some of them are dark, milky, and white. The good part is people are able to choose the level of the dark chocolate (as you know, dark chocolate is much healthier:) ). If I turn to how we can get connect between chocolate and data is that sometimes it is the opposite. What do I mean? Well, mostly as I mentioned dark chocolate is much healthier than others whereas dark data is not appealing. Shortly, does not mean every ‘dark’ will be healthier or more appealing.

Okay, my favorite one is coming to stage: Liquor filled chocolate. Let me give you tips that if you’re looking for an option to take your gifting over the top, this is a good option. Basically, it can carry a hidden flavor that offers more than its exterior might initially suggest. The situation is almost the same as data. We can have a lot of data and in the beginning, we might not be able to understand how it will be useful for our businesses or for us. It is a kind of mystery.

Data comes in the form of a software application or database. The logic is the same as chocolate (it comes in a packet because of protection reasons). Data is the most important target of critical cyber-attacks. Especially, today I was watching the news on the TV and according to news, during COVID, customer bias has been changed in shopping. E-commerce is more common than before and businesses have access to our data. It means is that cyber-attacks risk is high. For example, EU countries have customized solutions to protect ensure compliance with personal data by law such as GDPR.

Last but not least… Most of us do not have a limit for chocolates. Does not matter whether there are the reasons or not, we can find an excuse to have it. According to scientific researches, certain components of chocolate improves mood and other alter brain patterns. Yay! Already we got a good excuse. However, too much chocolate makes us sick. There is the same situation for data. We need a good quality of data in order to make a decision, process, get output… etc. What if our data both big and low-quality, how does it impact? Mostly, it leads to negative or unnecessary outputs. Through my education, I had been thought about how some knowledge of definitions would be useful for me and now I understand the definitions of the quantity and quality. There has to be a balance between everything.


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