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CoreRelation Program

As Global AI Hub, we care about the sense of a community and the spirit behind it. With the CoreRelation Program, we provide exclusive benefits and lots of opportunities for our members who share the same passion with us. In this journey, you can start by being a Core Member or Core Club at the CoreRelation community and benefit from our exclusive privileges. For those members who want to do even more, there’s a chance to lead a community by being a Community Lead!

Join our family and help us teach AI to people for free!

We are better together!

Core Member



  • Have a passion in the AI field.
  • Show us what you’ve done so far. Submit at least one event, project, article, blog, campaign etc. Everything counts!
  • Complete at least 3 courses on globalaihub.com and submit your certificates. Don’t forget to enjoy learning!


  • Create engaging and creative content.
  • Share our courses and provide people an opportunity to learn more about AI. 

Core Club



  • Have a passion to contribute to the AI field regardless of your club’s main field.
  • Have at least 50 members in your community.
  • Reach at least 500 people through your social media channels.
  • Be prepared to reach thousands of people!


  • Ensure that at least 100 new people benefit from our trainings which are completely free of charge within the scope of the «10million.AI» project.
  • Share Global AI Hub’s events through your social media channels.
  • Produce collaborative content that includes your collaboration with Global AI Hub and activities of your club in the field of AI.

Community Lead



  • Satisfy all Core Member Eligibility requirements.
  • Have leadership skills and passion.
  • Bring at least 100 new people to our Global AI Hub family and help them benefit from our free courses.
  • Let us talk further in the interview.  


  • Satisfy all Core Member Responsibility requirements.
  • Lead the Core Member community and mentor fresh bloods.


Core Member is a privileged individual within the Global AI Hub community who play an active role in the «10million.AI» project. These talented and passionate learners work on and within the field of Artificial Intelligence within the scope of the CoreRelation Program.

Core Club is a select few privileged student clubs or communities that act with a community spirit and are an active part of the «10million.AI» project within the scope of the CoreRelation Program.

Community Lead is a privileged Global AI Hub member who has proven himself/herself as Core Member under the CoreRelation Program. These individuals actively contribute to the «10million.AI» project, and have the leadership skills to manage online communities effectively.

If you are currently a Core Member and want to increase your impact you can be promoted as a Community Lead as you prove your work!

The «10million.AI» project is a non-profit and social good initiative supported by leading institutions worldwide. It provides talents across the globe with access to top-class education in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and further digitalization fields – completely free of charge.

You can apply as a Core Member and/or Core Club. You can also be informed on all things happening at Global AI Hub by following our social media accounts!

You will have access to a global network of the best and most talented AI leaders, job and internship opportunities, special events, social media support, and more.

You can check Core Member, Core Club and Community Lead sections above for more detailed information.

You can reach out to us by clicking the following link: “Contact Us

There are no limitations! The CoreRelation Program is a global program that embraces everyone all around the world. We accept every application no matter where you are or what you do for a living. You just have to be passionate about AI!

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