Data Visualization

Take your place in the World of Data Science with the carefully prepared Data Visualization course!
· August 11, 2021


In the age of Artificial Intelligence, understanding, interpreting, and analyzing data has become one of the most critical competencies. Since you have learned the most required and sought-after programming language in the business world, Python, now you should take the next step to the Data Science world and learn how to interpret data for even non-technical people via visualizing the data. 

Since data is the prerequisite of all AI projects, you will learn how to create reports that explain themselves and interpret the big data via visualization and the most fundamental and popular visualization techniques in the real world with Python.

To visualize data, this data must be cleaned and well prepared to gain correct interpretation. To achieve that, data must be preprocessed according to the Garbage In Garbage Out principle. Therefore, we can say that the primary ability to read data with millions of rows is in data visualization. 

Once this course ends, you will have an end-to-end visualization project which allows you to create a report to show your work to other people.

In this great course for you:

  • What data is and how it is processed
  • Various types of data visualization and what data visualization techniques can be applied to which data types
  • Errors made while visualizing data
  • How to explain the visualized data statistically
  • We will show you how to code an end-to-end data visualization project and reporting


You are invited to join our Data Visualization Hub and use this space to discuss topics related to the course, share interesting and relevant material and links, ask questions and engage with peers.


  • Additional access to active mentoring by experts of the Global AI Hub 
  • A joint certificate issued by Global AI Hub for each successful learner  
  • The certificate you will earn in this training is valid for privileged membership applications under the CoreRelation Program

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  • Thanks to the Swiss-based AI Business School and the «10million.AI» project this course is free.
  • It is part of the national education campaigns aiming at educating more than 10 million learners for free on AI and other digital technologies.




  • Welcome to Data Visualization Course


  • Introduction to Data
    • What is Data?
    • What is Data Visualization?
    • Advantages of Data Visualization
    • Data Types
  • Installations and Datasets
    • Libraries
    • Datasets
  • Visualization Types
    • Line Plot
    • Scatter Plot
    • Bar Plot
    • Histogram
    • Pie Chart
    • Heatmap
    • Box Plot


  • End-to-end Applied Data Visualization Project
    • Investigating the Dataset
    • Exploratory Data Analysis
    • Data Preprocessing
    • Defining Data Visualization Types
    • Creating Report 


  • Practical Use Of What Has Been Learned
  • Further Projects
  • What’s Next?


The course includes a series of lessons that lead you through the content in small, bite-sized learning blocks. Each lesson includes exciting video sessions followed by thought-provoking assessment questions.

  • Video sessions have to be marked as complete and can be accessed freely after the completion of each lesson
  • Assessment questions are graded for the calculation of certification progress
  • Each day has a “Materials” section to help you revise the topics that are seen that day
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Course Includes

  • Language: English
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Course Hub
  • Course Certificate
  • Price: Free by «10million.AI» Project