International Python for Machine Learning Bootcamp

· October 14, 2022

The International Python for Machine Learning Bootcamp begins! Those who qualify to participate in this one month certified program, will have the chance to improve themselves in subjects such as Python, Machine Learning, Data Science! In addition, they will be able to develop their portfolios with the project work they will do from scratch under the guidance of mentors!

What will you gain during the bootcamp?

  • It will be a nice environment where you can meet the people in your group during the bootcamp. You can meet people from different fields and make friends who work in the field of artificial intelligence, and maybe one day you can take part in an environment or a project where you will help each other with the people you will meet here.
  • You will make a difference in your career with our world-class courses. With “Python for Machine Learning” and “Introduction to Deep Learning” courses we will offer you, strong knowledge in computer science and artificial intelligence.
  • With workshops specially prepared for you, you will be able to produce global and effective solutions to problems you may encounter in the real world, using Python Programming language and Deep Learning methods, with libraries frequently used in the field of Artificial Intelligence.
  • You will successfully complete this program step by step with our team that will support you with the courses you receive and provide 24/7 active mentoring.
  • Preparing blog posts will contribute to your development in this field. Your blog posts will be proudly shared by Global AI Hub on social media. You can share any material you have prepared with us. We are always with you!!

1st Week: Introduction to Python (12-18th September)

  • Introduction to Python Course (12-18th September )
    In this course, you’ll learn how to write your first programs quickly, how to structure them, and how to work with the different types of data that Python can manipulate. You’ll also learn how to make your programs interactive so that users can give input into a program and get meaningful output.
  • Openning Webinar & Webinar “The Many “WHY”s of Data” (13th September Tuesday)
    Topic: Data Applications, Analytics & Strategy
    Speaker: Wouter Trappers | LinkedIn

2nd Week: Python for Machine Learning (19-25th September)

  • Python for Machine Learning Course (19-25th September)
    With this course, you will dive deeper into the world of Python and take your first steps towards machine learning. Insightful lectures and practical guided projects will help you to reinforce what you have learned in the previous course “Introduction to Python”.
  • Challenge Announcement (19th September Monday)
  • Office Hour:(Python Quiz) (22nd September Thursday)

3rd Week: Introduction to Machine Learning (26th September – 2th October)

  • Introduction to Machine Learning Course(26th September – 2th October)

This course will guide you on your machine learning journey. You will learn all key machine learning concepts starting from what machine learning is, how it works, to how it can be used to solve real life problems.

  • Webinar: Future of Data Science Panel (26th September Monday) Speakers: Varshith H. Anilkumar/Dr. Sailesh Conjeti 
  • LIVE Workshop, How to use tensorflow (30th September Friday)

4th Week: Project Week (3-9th October)

  • LIVE Workshop Q&A (10th October Monday)
    Project topic: Human Emotion Recognition
  • Graduation (11th October Tuesday)
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