Women in AI

Are you ready to meet strong women who break new ground in the field of Artificial Intelligence and inspire with their work?
· November 3, 2021


Get to know the women who have succeeded in doing groundbreaking works around the world in the field of AI! 

These important names from the past, such as Margaret Hamilton and Katie Bouman, inspire women with their achievements and encourage them to fight against the system that discriminates them in the industry even today. These pioneer women have made their mark in the field of artificial intelligence and technology by contributing to great milestones despite many difficulties.

Throughout the webinar, the participants who wish to fight against gender discrimination will be first of all informed on the concept of AI, what AI is and it’s massive role in our lives; along with the discussions regarding the gender bias that occurred during the training of a Machine Learning model. In addition to that, the famous women in AI and their achievements will be elaborated on further inspiring the listeners to join the ever-growing field in the future. 

Women in AI webinar extends its content by not only including women researchers in AI, but also establishes a conversation on entrepreneurship & Turkish women entrepreneurs’ efforts up until today, making the participants leave the event feeling encouraged and aware of the business life dynamics we experience today.


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  • What is AI? 
  • Women Pioneers in Computer Science 
  • Prominent Women in AI 
  • AI’s Struggle with Gender-Biased Data 
  • What is Entrepreneurship? 
  • Turkish Women Entrepreneurs and their Achievements
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