Data Visualization in Python

Join our Python Data Visualization course, prepared by experts in the field. In this course, which will last 5 hours in total, you will learn about the 7 most commonly used data visualization packages in Python. Moreover, this will be done live on #Youtube.

Our course has been prepared by experts in their field, using the resources of the world’s most advanced universities such as Harvard, MIT and Boğaziçi. Everyone who wants to improve themselves in the field of data science is welcome to this course.

Certificate will be given at the end of the course.

If you want to improve yourself in the field of data science and become one of the best in the field of data visualization, take the first step by clicking the link.


Introduction to Data Visualization:
  • What is Data Visualization?
  • Why it is important? (The way our brain works, Big Data, Fast Decisions, Insights)
  • What is good visual? (Accuracy, Story, Information)
  • How to prepare good visual? (Common Data Visualization Types, Colors, Gestalt Principles)
Data Visualization in Python – 1:
  • Matplotlib (Introduction to Matplotlib, Line Plot, Scatter Plot)
  • Seaborn (Introduction to Seaborn, Line Plot, Bar Plot)
Data Visualization in Python – 2:
  • Plotly (Introduction to Plotly, Line Plot, Bubble Chart)
  • Bokeh (Introduction to Bokeh, Line Plot, Heatmap)
Data Visualization in Python – 3:
  • Altair (Introduction to Altair, Line Plot, Stacked Area Chart)
  • ggplot (Introduction to ggplot, Line Plot, Histogram)
  • Folium (Introduction to Folium, Mapping Geo Data)
  • What do we do in this course?
  • Resources for Data Visualization
  • Q & A

Course Information

  Skill Level: Introduction

  Students Enrolled: 0

  Languages: English

  Total Duration: 5 hours

  Certification: Yes