During Covid: Technological Innovations

What are the most important technological innovations that we have learned during covid? We are currently having Covid second wave and it seems like it will be tougher than the first one. New lockdown rules were decided to apply by many countries. On the other hand, there are good signs related to vaccines that possible to develop in the near future.
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The advent of technology transformed our lives from artificial intelligence to nanotechnology even before Covid. However, while going through these global challenges, we all understood is how technological innovations are the key to us.
According to Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2020, I would like to provide some insights into healthcare.

1. Virtual Patients

I really like this virtual patient idea because it can create opportunities like faster and safer clinical trials. For this idea, high-quality images of organs are needed, and to be able to understand these organs’ functions, mathematical and statistical models are another necessary part. Why do I like this technology? Because, as I mentioned before, Covid is a huge challenge for humanity. However, especially doctors are suffering a lot more than other job groups because they have to contact patients somehow – it is a huge risk! Instead of physically contacting virtual organs or body systems could be helpful in the initial assessments of treatments. It means safer, too.

2. Digital Medicine

What is this digital medicine and improvements? This medicine contains sensors and these sensors send data to apps to detect issues. First of all, this is a good opportunity for people who have limited access to health services. Again my example will be related to Covid because people who are from a rural area have a lack of health services, unfortunately. As all we know, early diagnosis is really significant and with this medicine, the app could be helpful to track the therapies.

3. Microneedles

The big advantage of microneedles is painless injections for sure – At least for me. Since my childhood, I scared of needles and I cannot see any blood or even blood drop. Unfortunately, it irritates me and I have a memory of it. It was my first experience of donating blood and I went to the hospital in the morning without having breakfast. After donating my blood, as soon got up, I fainted and what I only remembered thing when I opened my eyes is nurses.
If I turn back to the topic, these microneedles penetrate the skin without pain and even mixed into creams. It means we can use them easily without having any trouble. On the other hand, these microneedles could allow do our blood tests at home and analyze them, after analyzing we can send the results to the hospital. This is another good part because we do not need to wait in long lines for the blood testing and probably this process will not be expensive. Thus, care will be more accessible from urban areas to rural areas.


Imagine a world where we have developed many things to help humanity, eradicated diseases, and issues. Such amazing!



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