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Modern digital technologies like AI have an impact on practically all areas of our lives, our economy and our society. That is why we all have to get educated and prepare ourselves for the upcoming AI age. This is not only true for people with a technical background, but literally for everyone.

Therefore, we provide a broad range of technical and non-technical education programs and courses:

All programs and courses represent a unique co-production between leading tech firms, leading education providers and highly qualified local mentors of the Global AI Hub network.

Our first class education covers topic like:

Free Courses

Within the scope of the «10million.AI» project and thanks to the international and national supporters of this non-profit, social good initiative these courses are free for members of the Global AI Hub.

Premium Courses

They may be accessed by making use of HubPoints – either free HubPoints that you have earned or HubPoints that you purchase.


Education by Global AI Hub is much faster, more entertaining, always practice-oriented, easy to understand and less expensive compared to traditional education programs.

Entry-level courses and programs within the frame of the «10million.AI» project and its corresponding national education initiatives are even for free thanks to the support of many active supporters on global and local levels. For more information regarding the «10million.AI», click here.

Our Internal Currency: ‘HubPoints’

Our members can make use of HubPoints to acquire advanced premium courses. HubPoints can be earned by a number of different activities, including active community contributions, successful completion of courses, positive referrals and many more.

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