Introduction to Machine Learning
November 30, 2020
IST: Indian Standart Time, PKT: Pakistan Time Zone

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About This Event

We are proudly announcing that we will be giving 10-hours of class on Introduction to Machine Learning Course in India and Pakistan!

We created the education content by using the sources of the world’s leading universities Stanford, Caltech, MIT, and Harvard!

In this course you will learn the basics of Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning algorithms with hands-on experience. Also, you will be able to build a Machine Learning projects by using Python after you finished this course.

You can ask all your questions via Machine Learning Hub in Global AI Hub Community.

November 30, 2020
- January 1, 1970
IST: Indian Standart Time, PKT: Pakistan Time Zone




Kutay Akalın

Data Scientist


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