Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Life

Artificial Intelligence spreads everywhere day by day with improving technology. There is some technological development in every country you live in. The whole technology world debates the results of AI and the part Artificial Intelligence will play in shaping our future. While we can think that artificial intelligence is at least many years away from reason any important affects in our lives, the fact remains that it is anyway having a tremendous effect on us. Artificial intelligence affects our decisions and lifestyles every day actually. Now, I want to show something about examples of AI.

1- Robot Arms

Most of people who they lost their arms wants to prepare food for themselves so that a tech company called as ‘Moley Robotics’ is developing a robot for all people. With their work, they proved the need to create awareness for the entire world. If you can touch people through technology, they will see you as a more valuable company. Artificial Intelligence helps us offer the same opportunity to everyone, and companies continue to work with different developments for this.

2 – Smart Car

At the beginning of the 21st century, A man named Elon Musk showed himself. He created Tesla company and when you look at the now, you can see the company value at first row. Tesla gives opportunity to drive smart car so if you are busy person, smart car drives itself and at that time you can take care of your work. Smart cars, which are seen as the miracle of this century, will enable active use almost all over the world in the next 10 years. It will provide you convenience in matters such as fatigue and comfort on long journeys.

3- Smart Mirror

Artificial Intelligence has literally entered our house. The biggest example of this is smart mirrors. Almost the structure of mirrors that people see many times in their daily lives is changing now. You can view values ​​such as weather, possible health risks and body temperature in front of the mirror. The ultimate goal is for everyone to finally have full access to their medical information but for this to be really successful, technologies like IoT and 5G need to be more common.

4- Navigation

Today, when you drive a car to go somewhere, With the navigation work, you can go faster and more comfortably now than before. This is one of the best solutions AI has found for traffic problems. According to me, that development is an underrated improving because almost all people use navigation. People who drive cars sometimes think it doesn’t work, but it is the application that produces a result by pulling instant data.

5- Chatbots

I think the most helpful development in artificial intelligence is chatbots. They help faster when you type critical words while saying something you expect from the firm or company. Natural language processing software of artificial intelligence is used in the background of chatbots, so it is of great importance in the software world. I hope it will be better than today.





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