Global AI Hub Achievements – 2020

Global AI Hub Achievements – 2020

As we wrap up 2020, Global AI Hub looks back on all we have accomplished in this past crazy year. We are thrilled with our progression, and grateful for our team, our partners, and our growing platform. The more we grow, the closer we are to reaching our mission of educating the world in AI, making education available to all, and creating job opportunities for eager and hungry learners.

Our Newest Initiative

This project, called Global AI Initiative, focuses on the power of education and ensuring everyone, no matter their location in the world, their gender, or their socio economic standing will have equal access to quality online courses. Fair opportunity is an important value for Global AI Hub as is bridging the gap in gender inequality especially in the field of AI. We should all be given the chance to be a shaper of our own future, and Global AI Hub will do it’s part to make that happen.

New Partnerships

With the goal of creating equal opportunity for everyone in world-class AI education, we partner with UiPath, the world’s leading company on Robotic Process Automation. We implemented the UiPath Academic Alliance Program for RPA education on our platform. Starting in February, our members can easily kickstart their self-paced learning process while having additional support from AI mentors and talents in our global online community.

While educating AI enthusiasts from all around the world, our global spread has increased! We established over 54 partnerships in Nigeria, India, Pakistan and South Africa whether it be with a community, association, student organization, network collaboration!

We acquired 23 partnerships with some of the world’s leading tech firms and promising start-ups. We proudly announced those partnerships and helped their voices to be heard via our platform and social media channels.

We are thrilled to have been able to help eager learners gain access to these powerful online courses and give them an opportunity to make a difference in their local communities. This is only the beginning, we’ll accomplish greater collaborations for Global AI Initiative and touch the lives of millions starting with 2021.

Upcoming Features

Although we are excited for all we have accomplished, we are also excited about the future and what 2021 has to bring!

Job Platform

Where we are bridge and the connection between AI talents and companies looking for the most qualified candidates. Companies will be able to list their available positions and what skills they are looking for specifically.

E-learning Platform

A powerful e-learning platform where eager AI learners can watch videos and learn at their own pace. An interactive tool with quizzes and activities to make sure your online education is right on track.

Our Educational Programs

2020 was a huge success in terms of our educational reach as well our educational course content! Here’s a breakdown:
This is only the beginning, our growth and our course content is in the works to be even better and stronger going into 2021.

Our Social Media Reach

Social media has been a huge goal for Global AI Hub. Starting from scratch we were not only able to achieve our goals, but surpass them! With even bigger plans for social media expansion in the upcoming year. Now with over 80,000 followers on social media


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