Global AI Hub and Google Developer Groups Turkey Joined Forces for AI

Global AI Hub and Google Developer Groups Turkey Joined Forces for AI

Five weeks, five lessons, and five instructors… With this straightforward formula, Global AI Hub continues to transform the artificial intelligence ecosystem within Turkey and has collaborated with Google Developer Groups for its newest offering: AI Summer Camp. In alignment with Global AI Hub’s «10million.AI» project, a non-profit and social good initiative with an aim to educate 10 million people for free on AI, robotics, data, and other digital technologies. Focusing specifically on bridging the gender divide and providing opportunities across the globe. These joint missions have allowed us to create a real impact, and AI Summer Camp is just the beginning.


In the course of five weeks, 7100 participants have gained knowledge on the fundamentals of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, TensorFlow, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing. In addition to technical knowledge, participants have acquired soft skills through interaction with one of Turkey’s largest developer communities and are given a chance to network with hundreds of AI talents. 

The first week with Fethi Tekyaygil, we started with an overview of the fundamentals of Machine Learning, as this is needed before diving into Deep Learning. 

  • Regression Problems allow us to solve problems such as predicting numerical value. (e.g. predicting house prices)
  • Classification Problems allow us to solve problems such as predicting discrete values. (e.g. predicting a tumor if it’s malignant or not)
  • Decision Trees allow us to solve both Regression and Classification problems with a different algorithm
  • Unsupervised Learning algorithms allow us to predict over the unlabeled data instead of labeled data which is being used in Supervised Learning

In the second week with Buse Yaren Tekin, we talked about mathematics, logic, and covered the basics of Deep Learning. In addition to that, Neural Networks are introduced both theoretically and practically:

  • Deep Learning concept and why is it needed in relation to Machine Learning
  • Artificial Neural Network concept which is fundamental for developing Deep Learning model
  • Dataset exploration with MNIST dataset
  • TensorBoard usage for visualizing Deep Learning models

The third week with Fuat Beşer and İrem Kömürcü, we talked about TensorFlow, which is a library developed by Google. It allows us to build Machine Learning or Deep Learning models to meet other needs, such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, or any other type of problem model.

  • TensorFlow library which allows us to develop Deep Learning models
  • How has TensorFlow impacted the industry and what can we do with it?
  • Developing a simple Artificial Neural Network with TensorFlow
  • A simple image classification project using TensorFlow

The fourth week with İrem Kömürcü, we talked about the history, logic, mathematics, and applications of Computer Vision as a subtopic of Deep Learning covering topics ranging from image classification, segmentation, object detection, and many more.

  • Applications of Computer Vision in our daily lives
  • What can we do using Computer Vision: Image Classification and Segmentation, Object detection and Localization, and Style Transfer
  • Structure of images: Pixel table and color channels
  • Convolutional Neural Network architecture which is used for training Computer Vision Models
  • Data Augmentation to increase training example size

In the last week of the program, with Ege Demir, we talked about history, logic, mathematics, and applications of Natural Language Processing, another subtopic of Deep Learning covering topics ranging from text classification, forbidden word detectors, chatbots, voice assistants, and many more.

Now, AI Summer Camp’s free interactive sessions are available on Global AI Hub’s platform, where participants can further explore technical or non-technical courses and interact with other AI enthusiasts in various business, technology, and country hubs.

The end of AI Summer Camp, as bittersweet as it was, also meant new beginnings for three individuals who were sponsored to take TensorFlow certification exams. Chosen based on their grades in the course’s final exam, these participants have been provided the opportunity to take the next step in their journey of achieving AI literacy. With their newly acquired skills and certifications, participants can easily navigate the rapidly changing world around them and adapt to the advancement of digital technologies.

Through the collective effort of Global AI Hub and Google Developer Groups, AI Summer Camp has successfully achieved its primary goals: promoting awareness of artificial intelligence, mobilizing talent within this area, and fostering an environment for open discussion about deep learning. While the AI world is vastly expanding, Global AI Hub’s unique take on technical and non-technical AI education continues to equip people with the necessary skills.

We are ready. What about you?  If you want to catch up with the AI Age, come join us!


Stories of the TensorFlow Certification Exam Sponsorship Winners



Testimonial_1* How did you start learning Artificial Intelligence?

I started learning the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning out of curiosity after learning various software languages and developing projects for several years. It’s been about 4 years. Actually, I started learning artificial intelligence for the same reason that I started learning software. Both provide me with the basic building blocks to build things according to my imagination. I also love software development, but the potential of systems/models that can be developed with artificial intelligence and especially deep learning methods overshadows software development for me. I can almost say that it fascinates me 🙂

* What motivated you to attend AI Summer Camp?

What motivated me to attend this course was to have more technical knowledge of the field of artificial intelligence and to be aware of new developments in this field. I think the support for the TensorFlow developer certificate exam was another impetus.

* How was the course process for you and what did this course bring you?

To be frank, I was already more or less well-versed in many of the topics covered in the course, thanks to the various courses I took on the internet and the articles I read in the past. As for what it has given me, I can say that it was useful to have an idea about Transformer models, for example, in the last course. I’ve developed natural language processing projects before, but that was when Transformers weren’t that common yet.

* What direction do you plan to take in your career by getting TensorFlow certification? What are your future plans?

In the near future, I want to work and develop on TensorFlow with models such as Transformer, GAN, and especially deep reinforcement learning models. At the same time, I plan to write articles in which I describe these development processes or the technical structure of the models in detail. I guess time will tell which areas I will continue to focus on in the long run.




 *How did you start learning Artificial Intelligence?

My artificial intelligence adventure started when I met Muhammed Oğuz Taş, a teacher at the University. With his help, I first worked on image processing. Then I switched to artificial intelligence. So I owe him a huge thank you.

* What motivated you to attend AI Summer Camp?

In the process that followed, I realized that I needed to improve myself in this field. The Global AI Hub platform was also a place that I constantly encountered in this process. When I heard that there was a summer camp, I thought it would be useful and wanted to attend with the advice of my friends. In this way, I have access to other training.

* How was the course process for you and what did this course bring you?

Much has been added to what I know in the 5-week period. I think that the training we receive from different people is precious in adding different visions to us. With this training, I started to feel more competent on some issues that I felt lacking. Since it is a constantly evolving field, I think such training should not be missed.

* What direction do you plan to take in your career by getting TensorFlow certification? What are your future plans?

I am thrilled that I won this certification exam sponsorship. I believe I can succeed, even if it is a difficult test. Actually, I’m seeing Artificial Intelligence as a passion. As a competent person in the field of artificial intelligence, I would like to be part of projects that can create real value for humankind.

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