Global AI Initiative

Global AI Hub is launching an exciting and impactful new initiative: Global AI Initiative. This initiative supports the power of education and ensuring everyone, no matter their location in the world, their gender, or their socioeconomic status, will have equal access to quality online courses.

Fair opportunity is an important value for Global AI Hub as is bridging the gap in gender inequality especially in the field of AI. According to Linkedin, women are underrepresented in six of the eight micro-clusters with the highest employment growth rate (people and culture, content production, marketing, sales, specialized project managers, data and AI, engineering and cloud computing). Everyone needs to do their part to tackle this issue. We should all be given the chance to be a shaper of our own future, and Global AI Hub will do its part to make that happen.

Even when it comes to education across more developing areas of the world such as Africa, South America, and Asia, where on average only 25% of the population is given access, we see a clear issue laid before us that needs to be addressed.

Global AI Hub, now with the right and strong core team in place, encouraging people who are hungry to learn about AI. We provide our knowledge combined with best educational content to create equal opportunities for everyone. We’re ready to make our vision a reality together!

Global AI Hub’s main mission is education. Because only through education can we hope to improve our lives as well as the world. Additionally, we believe in helping those who may not have as much access to education and increasing equality. With that our aim is to:

Educate 10 million talents on AI, robotics, and data

Educate and empower at least 5 million women

Focus our educational reach across Asia, Africa, and South America.

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Machine Learning

To drive these goals further, through our efforts we aim to create:

1 million new AI Job opportunities in both robotic and data fields around the world.

Provide at least .5 million new jobs for women

Create both permanent, temporary, and self employed job opportunities as well as internships in emerging markets.

Together we will make the world a more secure, and fair world where we can all be shapers of our future.

We need strong partners around the world to reach our goals in educating 10m AI talents.

Possible Contributions by Partners


  • Reach out to talents for education programs and career opportunities (social media, newsletters, mailings, ads, etc.)

Learning Content

  • Creation and submission of educational content for technical and non-technical programs

Job Commitments

  • Permanent positions
  • Freelance opportunities
  • Internships
  • Short term and long term projects

Financial Contributions

  • Marketing budget
  • Educational program production costs
  • Local mentoring costs

Computing Power

  • To ensure scalability of online learning and job opportunity platforms

Benefits for Partners

Visible positioning as partner of the “Global AI Initiative” on global, regional or local level 

Image gains due to visible contributions to this important social good initiative

Additional benefits provided from ecosystem partners to other partners

Access to all talent recruiting services to hire great talents

Access to all free courses to be used by own employees

Access to all project staffing services