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What is the Global AI Hub?

The Global AI Hub is a Swiss based AI company which has initiated one of the fastest-growing digital communities for AI experts and talents around the world. The Global AI Hub is headquartered in Freienbach / Switzerland and has members, supporters and also employees in various countries around the world.

How can I become a member of the Global AI Hub community?

You can easily become a member of the Global AI Hub community by filling out all required personal information during the digital registration process on our platform. Basic membership is for free and offers many valuable benefits and advantages.

To become a member it is very important to fill out all information correctly as fake or dishonest profiles are not allowed. Besides, the information you fill in during the registration process will later be used for your certificates, job applications etc. So please, be very careful when entering personal information like your name, birth date or country of residence during the registration process to make sure that it is precise and correct. Some of the data may not be changed later or not be changed without charging you extra costs.

Do I have to pay for a membership in the Global AI Hub community?

No, basic membership is for free with many valuable benefits and advantages.

As a basic member you have access to a variety of world-class free educational courses. You have access to many business, technology and country hubs with relevant news and information, thought leaders, industry leaders and peers. You can connect, interact and socialize with other members. And you can apply for jobs around the world.

If you participate in the HubPoint program you can even earn free HubPoints which you can use for additional premium services.

Why is it important to enter correct and precise personal data during registration?

The data you enter during your registration process will later be used, for example, to issue your personal certificates after successful completion of courses. It will also be used when you apply for a job or internship. And there are a number of other activities that depend on your personal profile data to be precise and correct. Please note that it is not possible to later change some of this elementary personal data or not possible to change it without charging you with extra costs. This applies, for example, for essential data related to your correct name (first and last name), your country of residence or your birth date.

What happens with my personal data that I share during the registration process?

As a Swiss company we take data protection very serious as Switzerland is known for its strict rules and regulations regarding data security and protection. We will use your personal data only for conducting the services during your membership but never share these data with external parties for any commercial activity like advertising or others.

Is there a mobile app that I can download?

Currently, there is only a desktop version available to access all community activities and services. You can make use of this version via stationary or mobile devices.

In parallel, we are working on launching a mobile app. This app is planned to be launched this summer, probably in June / July 2021.

Referrals: how to invite others to join this unique community?

You can use your personal URL link to invite your friends and network contacts to join the unique Global AI Hub community. To invite your friends, you can send your personal URL link via e-mail or messaging. Alternatively, you can share the link on your website or via your social media posts.

Whenever someone clicks on your personal URL link that you have sent or shared, you will see the number of those visitors on your referral dashboard.

Whenever someone becomes a proven, authenticated member of the community by completing the required member profile data, you will also see the number of your successful referrals on your referral dashboard.

If you participate in our HubPoint program, you can receive free HubPoints for each real member who you have invited and who indeed joins the community and completes his or her member profile data.

Your friend who joins the community will also receive a free HubPoint award as a special welcome present after joining the HubPoint program.

What are ‘HubPoints’, how can I earn, purchase and spend HubPoints?

What is a HubPoint?

HubPoints are a virtual tool that can be only used on the digital platform of the Global AI Hub to enable access to premium educational courses and career development services. They can not be used as a payment tool outside the Global AI Hub platform. And they cannot be converted to real currencies or cash. Besides, they only have limited validity: 12 months.

How can I get HubPoints?

You can get HubPoints either by purchasing them at the Global AI Hub digital platform or by earning them by certain activities and contributions for which you are rewarded by free HubPoints.

Where can I purchase HubPoints?

HubPoints can be purchased at the payment site of the Global AI Hub digital platform. You can buy Hubpoins by making use of your credit card. To buy HubPoints click here.

How expensive is it to buy HubPoints?

As the Global AI Hub is a Swiss based company, we have defined the price to purchase a HubPoint in Swiss Francs (CHF). You have to spend 1.50 CHF to buy 1 HubPoint. But if you live outside Switzerland the price of the HubPoint is automatically calculated for your location and currency also including considerations like the VAT in your country. In addition to that, there are from time to time special campaigns that allow you to buy HubPoints for reduced prices, that means package discounts. For example, you may get a discount, if you buy a bigger package of HubPoints once at a time.

Are there any prerequisites to participate in the HubPoint program?

Yes, you have to fully complete your member profile data and share all relevant information required to participate in the program. And you have to accept the term and conditions. For the terms and conditions click here.

How can I earn free HubPoints by my own contributions?

Here are the activities and contributions that are rewarded by free HubPoints (HP) for you:

  • Complete your member profile:
    After completing your member profile data and accepting the terms and conditions of the HubPoint program you receive 20 free HP
  • Education:
    Successfully complete a course, receive your certificate and also receive 10 free HP. Complete an entire learning path (i.e. a combination of defined courses), receive an extra certificate and also receive 30 free HP
  • Make friends:
    For each connection you make to friends or thought leaders at the Global AI Hub platform you receive 1 free HP per connection up to a maximum number of 10 connections. That means you can receive a maximum of 10 free HP.
  • Be an active member:
    For each week you make use of the Global AI Hub platform (or mobile app) by logging-in you receive 1 free HP per weekly log-in.
  • Submit exciting content:
    If your submissions of articles, posts and similar content for one of the global business or technology hubs are selected and published by our Global AI Hub editorial team, then you receive 5 free HP.
  • Referrals:
    Invite your friends to join the Global AI Hub and receive 5 free HP for each real member who joins the community and completes his or her member profile data.Receive additional 5 free HP, if this member successfully completes one course and then additional 10 free HP if this member completes an entire learning path.This means overall up to 20 free HP per new member.
  • Download the Global AI Hub mobile app and log-in (will be launched in June / July 2021) and receive 20 free HP

Where can I see my HubPoints account balance?

You can get access to your personal HubPoints account balance by clicking here.

What is the education offering of the Global AI Hub?

The Global AI Hub offers access to world-class education programs on digitalization and AI. It covers technical and non-technical education programs which are co-produced with globally leading tech companies, thought leaders, universities and business schools.

The broad curriculum ranges from simple self-paced digital courses to advanced, interactive courses, and soon it will even cover diploma or masters programs with hybrid education models. A unique and ideal opportunity for modern life-long learning

Why is education by Global AI Hub special and better?

The education on the Global AI Hub platform is easy to understand, very-practice oriented and very entertaining. With world-class instructors and documentary-style, Netflix kind of video sessions and with unique mentoring by professional experts.

This makes learning much faster, more entertaining and less expensive compared to traditional education programs.

Upon successful completion you receive certificates with the quality assurance that these courses are “Made in Switzerland”. In addition to that, you can receive free HubPoints for each course that you successfully complete.

Are educational courses for free or do I have to pay for them?

There are two kinds of courses and educational programs on the Global AI Hub platform: free courses and premium courses.

As part of the «10million.AI» project, which is a non-profit and social good initiative supported by leading institutions around the world, as a member of the Global AI Hub community you get unique access to a variety of first-class courses which are totally free of charge.

In addition to those free courses, you will also find more advanced premium courses which require a fee. The fee has to be paid by making use of HubPoints. HubPoints can be either earned or purchased – for more information on HubPoints click here.

For premium courses there are often special discount campaigns. And in the future, we plan to introduce scholarships for successful members of our community.

By the way, did you know that for each course that you successfully complete you can receive free HubPoints?

How can I take part in education courses and programs?

You can find the the catalogue of all courses and programs under the domain “Education” or by clicking here. You just have to select the course of your choice. Read the course descriptions and if you like the course, you can just enroll and start by clicking the Enroll Now button.

For premium courses you have to ensure that you have a sufficient number of HubPoints on your account balance. Otherwise you have to purchase additional HubPoints before being able to start the course.

Career Development: what are ‘Learning Paths’?

Each ‘learning path’ describes a carefully selected combination of specific courses and assessments. It gives you effective guidance and serves as a simple roadmap on how to acquire the required skills for a specific job profile with minimum time and effort.

Often a learning path consist of a number of free courses and also premium courses.

Follow our effective ‘learnings paths’ to boost your professional career in the future workplace and to open up career opportunities to the most promising and fastest growing job segments of our time.

In addition to that, you can receive free HubPoints for each learning path that you successfully complete.

What are “Community Hubs”?

You can apply for free membership in various global and local community hubs: business, technology and country hubs. These hubs are digital places to share valuable news, insights and information. But also to get connected to other members, thought and industry leaders.

As member of one or more of our community hubs you can

  • expand your personal network
  • follow and learn from inspiring thought leaders in your field of interest
  • connect to peers around the world who are also passionate about AI
  • get access to relevant practical examples and use cases as well as brand new information on local and global levels
  • get an overview on relevant events and activities
  • discover and explore new amazing fields
  • become part of an interdisciplinary exchange of thoughts and ideas on how to create positive impact for our society by making good use of modern digital technologies

Active community contributions are even rewarded by free HubPoints. These HubPoints can then be used to access additional premium services.

How can I find jobs and apply for jobs?

Our job platform is still an early development and testing phase (Beta). That is why the number of current job offers and also functionalities is very limited. But this is going to change soon and fast.

Soon you will gain access to a global job marketplace with exciting job opportunities for various areas of digitalization, automation, AI, robotics, data and related areas. With a broad range of permanent, part-time and project jobs as well as internship opportunities.

You will find many exciting job listings by globally leading tech firms as well as fast-growing start-ups.

You will be able to ccess to top employers, i.e. carefully selected top firms which invest heavily in excellent AI talents, their education as well as exciting AI projects and initiatives.

And you will be able to showcase your skills by optimally preparing your personal CV and job application and conveniently handle all of your job applications online.