How to get multiple benefits using Global AI Hub?

How to get Multiple Benefits using Global AI Hub?

Artificial intelligence, which allows computers to think and act like humans, is said to be taking people’s jobs. Let’s discover that this is not exactly the case, that every profession can be synchronized to this situation, together with the training you will receive on our platform. You are in the right place to find a place of your own in this newly formed ecosystem.

Although the technical profession groups come to mind first when it comes to Artificial Intelligence, the fields listed below can also be directly associated with it:

In this article, we will talk about why it is important to use Global AI Hub and what contributions it will make to the industry employees.

Global AI Hub is the leading international community for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Education and AI career opportunities. To help advance this mission Global AI Hub offers these services:

1. Education

2. Career Development

3. Community

4. Job Opportunities

5. «10million.AI»

1. Education

Global AI Hub’s courses are for not just technical people, they are for everyone! All people who want to learn about Artificial Intelligence and be part of the AI age.

We have compiled the courses for you under 3 different headings:

  • Introduction Courses: Non-technical courses for everyone (with or without technical background) to start with, learn about the fundamentals of AI. 
  • Business Courses: Non-technical courses for business professionals, industry experts, executives, managers, entrepreneurs, investors, and start-up founders across different industry sectors and business functions.
  • Technical Courses: For technical experts, developers, architects, managers, and all other professionals with an interest in the technical design and implementation of AI solutions. 

If you are looking to take your career to another level and involve yourself in something that will make you part of something global as well as contemporary relevance, this platform can do it for you. And that’s no exaggeration!

Some examples of our quality courses:

Moreover, Global AI Hub has live events and courses to discuss or teach different topics of Artificial Intelligence.

Enroll within the scope of the «10million.AI» project and thanks to the international and national supporters of this non-profit, social good initiative courses. These are free for members of the Global AI Hub and they are available in different language options like English, German or Turkish.

2. Career Development

Global AI Hub’s career development stages provide unique guidance and mentoring for your personal career development. With recommended learning paths, practical project work and skill assessments to build required skills and experiences for the most promising job profiles of the future and to improve your CV.

3. Community

Join Global AI Hub’s global and local community hubs to expand your network, learn from thought leaders and connect with people around the world who are also passionate about AI. When you join our hubs, you will have the opportunity to discover hubs of the community to stay up to date with the latest happenings and do networking. Make projects with the knowledge gained in the courses and share them on the hubs! Thanks to this, you can expand your network and announce your projects to people. 

Our hubs are grouped as Business, Technology, and Country hubs. If you couldn’t find your interest in our hubs, write to us! You can see the next hubs we are planning to open in Coming soon titles on the Community page.

4. Jobs

Global AI Hub’s Jobs feature provides access to exciting job, project and internship opportunities as well as to top employers, their competitions and hackathons. Also, showcase your skills by optimally preparing your personal CV. Just as there are people from every sector in AI training, you can find jobs in the business field that are not only technical but also related to AI jobs from all business types.

Job Marketplace offers access to a broad range of permanent, part-time and project jobs as well as internships in various fields with relevance for digitalization, automation, AI, robotics, data and related areas.

5. «10million.AI»

The Global AI Hub is the initiator of the «10million.AI» project, a non-profit and social good initiative to educate 10 million people for free on AI, robotics, data and other digital technologies. The «10million.AI» project puts a major emphasis on equal opportunities for everyone. That is why – above all – it aims to mobilize women and wants to achieve the goal of educating at least 5 million women around the world. Within the «10million.AI» project, free education initiatives are launched which allow access to top-class introductory education for various areas – completely free of charge.

Let’s learn how to create and use a GAIH account for your career.

  • Register to use these unique opportunities in the community.

  • Activate your account

  • And login!

  • Complete your profile.

In conclusion; with Global AI Hub, you can learn new skills, build and maintain your network, search for jobs, and build your professional reputation. Plus it’s free. So why wait? Click here!