How to Get Started on Global AI Hub

How to Get Started on
Global AI Hub

As Global AI Hub, we believe in people as the major driving force for digital transformation. That is why we want to enable everyone to become an active part of the upcoming AI age.

You are one step closer to exploring the new AI age while learning and taking your skills to the next step while technology shapes our world. Whether you are a technical person or not, Global AI Hub is for everyone who wants to be part of the future.

Our platform features world-class courses, career development, global community, job opportunities, and much more! Also, all of these are for technical or non-technical people, which means for everyone who wants to be part of the AI world.

Looking for suggestions on how to use Global AI Hub work for you? Here are 4 simple steps to get you started.

Create a great profile

Enroll your first course

Make new friends

Join the hubs

1. How to build a profile on Global AI Hub?

The first step to using Global AI Hub is to complete your profile and add your profile picture to stand out in the community.

The “Complete Your Profile” section aims to help you to add your personal information to your profile. 4 profile details (Details, About, Profile Photo, and Cover Photo) should be completed to help you find out new friends and job opportunities (beta). When you click the uncompleted title in the section, it will direct you to where to complete it. If you add your profile photo, it will stand you out in the community and make you find your profile by your friends. Also, when you go to your Profile, you can complete your details there.

2. How to take a course?

Global AI Hub’s Courses are a library of AI-related world-class courses made with AI Business School in Switzerland. You can reach all courses when you click on Education in the main menu. Also, in the sub-menus of Education, courses are grouped as Introduction, Business, and Technical. Courses are prepared into languages like; English, German, and Turkish.

You can watch the courses when it’s convenient for you and access them from your computer or mobile device—anytime, anywhere.

After you choose a course from the Education page, click the course. In the course page, click the “Take this Course” button, and step into the AI world!

Moreover, all courses have their forums to discuss the topics and other questions in your mind. All enrolled members of the course can see the discussions and answer them.

If you are interested in live webinars and courses, check out it in your feed and events page to follow all details of events.

3. How to connect with my friends or invite them?

Global AI Hub is a social platform, providing a place where you can find friends or make new friends. You can search for your friends via using the search button on the main menu.

But if you couldn’t find your friends you can invite them! In the profile menu and homepage, you can find out how the Referral Program works. You can learn the details of how to earn more HubPoints when your friends join and start to learn!

In conclusion, you can connect with new friends;

To learn more about the referral program click the button below.

4. How to be part of a community about AI?

Global AI Hub keeps you informed about the latest AI-related news via its posts in the community. Hubs are part of Community to help to take people, who have the same interest, together. Our publishers and content creators share the latest news and recent developments on the hubs. When you join a hub, you will stay updated!

You can reach all hubs when you click on Community in the main menu. Also, in the sub-menus of Community, hubs are grouped as Business, Technology, and Country. Here is the list to find out which Business and Technology hubs we have:

Business Hubs

Technology Hubs

When you choose a hub to join, click the hub name on the Community page. On the hub page, you should click the “Join Hub” button to join the hub.

You are ready to start!

Join for free and take your first step to the Artificial Intelligence with Global AI Hub’s exclusive courses, rapidly growing community and carefully designed learning paths.