How to earn, purchase and spend ‘HubPoints’

What is a HubPoint?

HubPoints are a virtual tool that can be only used on the digital platform of the Global AI Hub to enable access to premium educational courses and career development services. They can not be used as a payment tool outside the Global AI Hub platform. And they cannot be converted to real currencies or cash. Besides, they only have limited validity: 12 months.

How can I get HubPoints?

You can get HubPoints either by purchasing them at the Global AI Hub digital platform or by earning them by certain activities and contributions for which you are rewarded by free HubPoints.

Where can I purchase HubPoints?

HubPoints can be purchased at the payment site of the Global AI Hub digital platform. You can buy HubPoints by making use of your credit card. To buy HubPoints click here.

How expensive is it to buy HubPoints?

As the Global AI Hub is a Swiss based company, we have defined the price to purchase a HubPoint in Swiss Francs (CHF). You have to spend 1.50 CHF to buy 1 HubPoint. But if you live outside Switzerland the price of the HubPoint is automatically calculated for your location and currency also including considerations like the VAT in your country. In addition to that, there are from time to time special campaigns that allow you to buy HubPoints for reduced prices, that means package discounts. For example, you may get a discount, if you buy a bigger package of HubPoints once at a time.

Are there any prerequisites to participate in the HubPoint program?

Yes, you have to fully complete your member profile data and share all relevant information required to participate in the program. And you have to accept the term and conditions. For the terms and conditions click here.

How can I earn free HubPoints by my own contributions?

Here are the activities and contributions that are rewarded by free HubPoints (HP) for you:

  • Complete your member profile:
    After completing your member profile data and accepting the terms and conditions of the HubPoint program you receive 20 free HP
  • Education:
    Successfully complete a course, receive your certificate and also receive 10 free HP. Complete an entire learning path (i.e. a combination of defined courses), receive an extra certificate and also receive 30 free HP..
  • Make friends:
    For each connection you make to friends or thought leaders at the Global AI Hub platform you receive 1 free HP per connection up to a maximum number of 10 connections. That means you can receive a maximum of 10 free HP.
  • Be an active member:
    For each week you make use of the Global AI Hub platform (or mobile app) by logging-in you receive 1 free HP per weekly log-in.
  • Submit exciting content:
    If your submissions of articles, posts and similar content for one of the global business or technology hubs are selected and published by our Global AI Hub editorial team, then you receive 5 free HP.
  • Referrals:
    Invite your friends to join the Global AI Hub and receive 5 free HP for each real member who joins the community and completes his or her member profile data. Receive an additional 5 free HP, if this member successfully completes one course and then additional 10 free HP if this member completes an entire learning path. This means overall up to 20 free HP per new member.

Global AI Hub reserves the right to recover the money given in cases of cheating and deception.

Where can I see my HubPoint account balance?

You can get access to your personal HubPoint account balance by clicking here.