International Python for Machine Learning Bootcamp!

Python for Machine Learning International Bootcamp

The International Python for Machine Learning Bootcamp begins! Those who qualify to participate in this one month certified program, will have the chance to improve themselves in subjects such as Python, Machine Learning, Data Science, and Deep Learning! In addition, they will be able to develop their portfolios with the project work they will do from scratch under the guidance of mentors! 


And the best part is that it is COMPLETELY FOR FREE! 


If you want to take your place in the program for free, you can apply after registering on the platform!

Networking Opportunity!

In addition to taking the self-paced courses on our platform, you will have the opportunity to meet experts working in the field of AI from all over the world. You can also expand your network with the participants of the bootcamp via our Discord server, where we will continue our communication!

As Global AI Hub, we know that being part of a community and learning together is very important. Participating in the Python for Machine Learning bootcamp means that you will be part of a community filled with individuals who are eager to learn and develop. Therefore motivation never dies within our community and you will be able to complete the training you will receive faster and more effectively!

Application Details

  • Application Date: 22th August 2022
  • Last day of Application: 10th September 2022
  • Announcement of Application Results: 10th September
  • We will contact you via e-mail.
  • Members accepted to the program will be invited to the program’s Discord server.