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Welcome to our Introduction to Python Programming Course! We present you the 1-month program for Python enthusiasts in collaboration with Google. This is a totally FREE course.

Python, as an interpreted and dynamic language, mainly supports object-oriented programming approaches and to a certain extent functional programming. It was found by Guido van Rossum in 1991. It is easy to write and read, extremely developer-friendly and includes vast ecosystem of different libraries.

Mainly, there are 3 application eras for Python; Web Development, Data Science and Scripting. According to Popularity of Programming Language (PYPL) report, in November 2020, “Python” search covers %30.8 of total language searches on Google Search.

In this course you will learn essentials of the Python programming language with hands-on experience. You will learn the usage era of Python, represent and store data with different data types and variables. Also, you will be familiar with complex data structures like dictionaries, sets, list and tuples. You will use conditions, loops, and functions during our course and, finally, you will learn to define your custom functions for your unique cases, write script, handle error and use libraries.

This is a self-paced learning course. You will study resources by yourself and we will increase your learning process by scheduling webinars with industry leading professionals and Q&A sessions, providing extra resources, quizzes, and mentorship during the class.


Why Python Programming
  • Welcome to Course​
  • Programming in Python
Data Types and Operators
  • Introduction​
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • ​Variables and Assignment Operators
  • Integers and Floats
  • Booleans, Comparison Operators, and Logical Operators
  • Strings
  • Type and Type Conversion
  • String Methods
Data Structure​
  • Introduction
  • ​Lists and Membership Operators
  • ​List Methods
  • Tuples
  • ​Sets
  • ​Dictionaries and Identity Operators
  • ​Compound Data Structures
  • Practice Questions​
Control Flow​
  • Introduction​
  • Conditional Statements​
  • Boolean Expressions for Conditions​
  • For Loops​
  • Building Dictionaries
  • Iterating Through Dictionaries with For Loops
  • While Loops
  • For Loops vs. While Loops
  • Break, Continue
  • Zip and Enumerate
  • List Comprehensions
  • Introduction​
  • Defining Functions​
  • Variable Scope
  • Documentation
  • Lambda Expressions
  • Introduction​
  • Python Installation
  • Install Python Using Anaconda​
  • Running a Python Script
  • Programming Environment Setup
  • Editing a Python Script​
  • Scripting with Raw Input
  • Errors and Exceptions
  • Handling Errors​
  • Reading and Writing Files​
  • Importing Local Scripts
  • The Standard Library
  • Third-Party Libraries
  • Experimenting with an Interpreter​
  • Online Resources​
Advanced Topics​
  • Iterators and Generators
  • Generator Expressions

Course Information

  Skill Level: Beginner


  Languages: English

  Total Duration: 5 weeks

  Certification: Yes

  Free Course