RPA Developer Certificate

Learning Path: RPA Developer Certificate

  • Introduction to AI, Robotics and Data 
  • Global Impact of AI 
  • Hyperautomation for Everyone
  • RPA for Developers – Beginner

Introduction to AI, Robotics and Data

Digital and AI technologies are conquering and fundamentally changing our world with an amazing speed. And they will increasingly have a very significant impact on all aspects of our life, our economy, our entire society.

From voice assistants and chatbots to self-driving cars and humanoid robots, these technologies improve efficiency and quality of life and open up totally new opportunities to create positive value. Therefore, we should all learn how to make good use of these new opportunities but also how to avoid the pitfalls, risks and threats which are also inevitably related to AI.

With this unique introductory course you will get: 

  • a comprehensive 360º overview of all relevant topics regarding AI
  • a basic understanding of AI  
  • an overview of the most relevant AI technologies


Global Impact of AI 

The "Global Impact of AI" course is specifically designed to help you explore the impact of Artificial Intelligence, AI, and digitalization on our society and all of us. It offers you a global perspective on the fascinating opportunities but also ethical aspects, risks and threats which are inevitably associated with AI and shares insights on the very different roles humans and machines will have in the long term.

With this introductory course you will discover:

  • AI-related risks and opportunities for our society and all of us 
  • Ethical challenges and AI regulation
  • The long-term roles of humans vs. machines 
  • The current state of global AI competition and collaboration


Hyperautomation for Everyone 

“Hyperautomation” is one of the biggest megatrends of our time. This unique introduction-level course helps you develop a better understanding of hyperautomation and the impact of new automation technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA).  This world-class course is produced in collaboration with UiPath, the global leader in modern RPA.

With this course you will:

  • Discover the most relevant use cases and applications of the RPA
  • Learn how to use the UiPath software


RPA for Developers - Beginner (coming soon)

In our very current age, the automation is an undeniable need for both time and performance efficiency. Computers achieve much more complex tasks than ever, and this allows them to share burden of repeated tasks with humans. With this share, humans can work on any other important tasks rather than doing same tasks over and over again. At this point, developers have a huge responsibility since they are the architect of this operation.

This “RPA for Developers - Beginner” course is for everyone who wants to take their first step into becoming RPA Developer by testing your ability to build simple automation solutions and want to have the opportunity to shape the future.

With this unique introductory course you will:

  • Be prepared to become a Junior RPA Developer
  •  Learn the basic concepts of RPA 
  •  Develop familiarity and deep understanding of UiPath tools
  •  Develop the ability to independently design and create robots for business processes
  •  Develop skills required to pass UiPath RPA Associate v1.0 Exam