"if machine learning is the language behind AI, statistics is the grammar of that language"
Welcome to the exciting world of deep learning! Now, together with you, we will meet a miraculous architecture like CNN in the name of image classification.
On the given graph, the differences are examined by focusing on the Hamilton and Euler tours.
Will Julia break the taboos? What comes in place of the Python programming language favored by millions of users?
It contains information about the flow diagram and encoding of the DFS (depth-first search) algorithm.
In this article we will learn the basics for adapting IMDB data to binary classification.
Why might not data is not like chocolate or different kind of food?
This article is about the study of the planning and management process structure of a software project from scratch.
This article was written to give information about Rasa Chatbot which has been used as a trend in recent years. It also includes instructions on how to install on your computer.
Let's talk about Turkey and Artificial Intelligence, and see a big picture of what is happening in other countries.
Welcome to the HR world. Most of us sure about how the recruitment process could be stressful. I wanted to open a new window to see how AI works with recruitment processes.
Hello everyone, in this part I am going to explain two more tests but specifically, I will focus on an independent two-sample t-test.
AI provided us new ways to express ourselves. It is transforming our ability to create. Learn about the iconic AI artists, their artworks and what they question.
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