Why might not data is not like chocolate or different kind of food?
This article is about the study of the planning and management process structure of a software project from scratch.
This article was written to give information about Rasa Chatbot which has been used as a trend in recent years. It also includes instructions on how to install on your computer.
Let's talk about Turkey and Artificial Intelligence, and see a big picture of what is happening in other countries.
Welcome to the HR world. Most of us sure about how the recruitment process could be stressful. I wanted to open a new window to see how AI works with recruitment processes.
Hello everyone, in this part I am going to explain two more tests but specifically, I will focus on an independent two-sample t-test.
AI provided us new ways to express ourselves. It is transforming our ability to create. Learn about the iconic AI artists, their artworks and what they question.
I wish everyone full days plenty of optimization again 🛎️I have published before the performance of the PSO algorithm against the One Max problem after my article, I came across an optimization algorithm that is more interesting to me. We may not know which optimization algorithm will do well in a problem. Because each problem...
Python is the most famous language one for machine learning. If do you want to see how can R used for machine learning, you can have a look at this article. It will start with the basic statistics knowledge.
Welcome to the eCommerce world. There is no doubt is that the eCommerce sector is growing and Data Science involved in it. In this article, I wanted to touch some points related to how Data Science helps eCommerce.
What happens if artificial intelligence bots start writing screenplays, music, novels, in general, making art? Is it still called art -and what is art at all?
"Which is better tool for Data Science? Do I need to choose one of them or can I use both of them? Are both of them open-source tools?" If you are looking for information related to those questions and feel stuck to make a choice, let's look together deeply.
Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer... "Data" is everywhere and there are data-related jobs. Many professionals often ask, "What is the difference between Data Science, Machine Learning, and Big Data?" I would like to give some insights related to this frequently asked question.
Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is a population-based optimization algorithm that is generally developed by observing the social behavior of bird and fish swarms 🐦🐟 [1]. This optimization algorithm is often a very frequently used algorithm in the literature. In this article, I will explain the use and performance of the PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) algorithm...
Another dimension of the relationship between artificial intelligence and interior design can be seen as artificial intelligence-based products used in the production process. One of these products is 3D printers. Although these printers are not a new product today, they remain up-to-date due to the development over time.
Hello everyone, the word optimized is a word that we encounter very often in everyday life. As you know, the word optimization is the case where an event, problem, or situation chooses the best possible possibilities within a situation 📈. The Simulated Annealing method, which helps to find the best result by obtaining the results of...
Feature extraction, a method commonly used in computer vision, image processing and artificial intelligence projects, is the application of size reduction on raw data. [1]. As you know, machine learning has been experiencing dramatic developments recently. This has led to great interest in machine learning from industry, academia and popular culture 🏭👩‍🔬. With the introduction...
In the development of Artificial Intelligence technologies, which is one of the most frequently used fields of our age, there is a scientific area known as Computer Vision, which includes Image Processing stages🌎.  In order for a data to be processed, it must be understood first. However, the meaningful data can pass to the artificial...
Today, health studies in the field of artificial intelligence continue unabated. Now, the biggest assistants of health personnel in every field are artificial intelligence, algorithms, robotics working in health. In the age of growth, you have encountered to a child who has a height and growth disorder problem caused by genetic and growth disorders. In...
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