A Phenomenon: Time loop

We heard about a time loop, parallel worlds and etc. but do we know exactly what is it? Basically, the time loop is a phenomenon when some periods of time are repeated and re-experienced by somebody. The things happen over and over again. Also, we see it in many movies – those movies/series are my favorites ones so far. There is a series called a Russian Doll on Netflix and it is about the time loop. If I need to tell what is based on is that Nadia’s personal journey and she is going through repeated moments. She dies repeatedly, always returning at the same moment where she was and of course she tries to figure out what is happening to her. For sure, there are some sub-topics like addictions or issues but my main topic is about the time loop and I would like to go deep.

What is the Time loop?

Mostly we call it “déjà vu” and I am sure most of us at least once experienced it. These areas are really deep and make us confuse if we are not familiar with these terms and/or moments. Honestly, I am not familiar with it but it grabs my interest because it does not mean that it does not happen to someone else even if I cannot understand totally. Therefore, I did a quick research about it, and according to my research, there are two different kinds of time loops. The first one is called the “causal paradox” and another one is called the “ontological paradox” and this is also known as the bootstraps paradox.
The causal paradox exists when events in the future trigger a sequence of events in the past whereas the ontological paradox involves an object or person to create the loop. As a note, their origin cannot be determined.
The time loop happens without ending and our memories are reset once we restart to repeat moments. The thing is everything looks normal actually we live normal until a point that we experience the same things again.

Time loop: Why, How, When…?

Of course, we would like to travel to a different time whether it is in the past or future. Sometimes, we may want to change the events that possible to happen in the future – it is an inevitable wish. There is an example of how we desire to learn something about the future and in my culture, we have “fortune-telling”. Despite all the real world, sometimes for fun sometimes for real, fortune-telling becomes an important one of the moments. I know this example exactly is not about the time loop but it is about time travel and these topics are related to each other.
On the other hand, there is something related to human behaviors because we would like to know more about a mystery, about our brain functions, how we react to things…

If you would like to learn about brain activities and developments, check this article out:


Usually, I ask myself how AI will be playing a role in the time loop area if AI is going to affect every single area. It is not easy to get the correct answer but I will try to understand.

Artificial Intelligence and the Time Loop

As I tried to mention above, there are some different kinds of concepts. For example, how to get there whether it is past or future; after getting there how the things can be changed by events and/or persons. What AI can do is that predict the future that possible to happen. Therefore, even with the basic concepts, we try to predict the possible future and take an action based on it. In today’s world, we use from house to factory, many tools developed through machine learning algorithms and want them to make our lives more easy and valuable. So, I am asking can we use AI for time travel? Why not? AI uses and monitors data from different sources and based on it creates machine learning models to have impacts in the future – Such an excited.
However, a big challenge is that we might change possibilities based on our understanding of future events. And actually, it is not only about the changing possibilities, also the challenge is to manage multiple pathways with multiple data. It looks really complicated to me.