Hello everybody, in this blog i want to talk about one of the free and most used open source deep learning library called TensorFlow. So why do we call it as open source? Open source allows the user to view and edit the codes of the software and to inform the user about program development. So you can easily create models with tensorflow, access machine learning pipeline with TensorFlow Extended (TFX), and train and deploy models in JavaScript environments with TensorFlow.js. You can also create complex topologies with features such as Functional API and Model Subclassing API.

What is TensorFlow?

TensorFlow was developed by Google Brain team initially to conduct machine learning and deep neural networks research and in 2015 TensorFlow codes were made available to everyone.TensorFlow is a library used for numerical computation using data flow charts in mathematics and if the literal meaning of tensor is a geometric object in which multidimensional data can be symbolized.

As you see above, tensors are multidimensional arrays that allow you to represent only higher dimensional datas. In deep learning, we deal with high-dimensional data sets where dimensions refer to different properties found in the data set.

Usage examples of TensorFlow

1)TensorFlow can be used efficiently in sound base applications with Artificial Neural Networks. These are; Voice recognition, Voice search, Emotion analysis and Flaw detection.

2) Further popular uses of TensorFlow are, text based applications such as sentimental analysis (CRM, Social Media), Threat Detection (Social Media, Government) and Fraud Detection (Insurance, Finance).As an example PayPal use TensorFlow for fraud detection.

3) It can also be used in Face Recognition, Image Search, Image Classification, Motion Detection, Machine Vision and Photo Clustering, Automotive, Aviation and Healthcare Industries.As an example Airbnb uses TensorFlow to categorize images and improve guest experience.

4) TensorFlow Time Series algorithms are used for analyzing time series data in order to extract meaningful statistics. As an example Naver automatically classifies shopping product categories with tensorflow

5) TensorFlow neural networks also work on video data. This is mainly used in Motion Detection, Real-Time Thread Detection in Gaming, Security, Airports and UX/UI fields.As an example Airbus uses tensorflow to extract information from satellite imagery and provide insights to customers.

Where can i learn TensorFlow?

You can join course “Introduction to TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning” on Coursera and “Intro to TensorFlow for Deep Learning” on Udacity for free.Tutorials for beginners and experts are available on TensorFlow’s official site.   You can find Mnist data set and other “Hello World” examples that I also have applied before.

As a result, we talked about the meaning of the word tensorflow, what tensorflow is, the usage areas of tensorflow and how we can learn. As it can be understood from the blog, world-leading companies prefer tensorflow for many things such as image classification, voice recognition, disease detection. Step into this magical world without wasting time! Hope to see you in our next blog…











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