The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Music

In the world we live in, there is a perception of artificial intelligence and people have fearful thoughts about “artificial intelligence”. There is a strong algorithm design in the background by improving its structure and features. If it was said that a system that developed by being coded by people until 10 years ago would produce music, nobody would have believed. With the effect of the current situations, we can see the effects of artificial intelligence in daily life effectively. The fact that self-driving vehicles are in traffic, the progress of work on smart mirrors, and even the simplest example of the face recognition systems in our phones can be cited. While being able to convey the emotion of the music that millions of people listen to is a difficult situation for many living artists, nobody believed that a software system could achieve this. However, with the break-free song, the thoughts of the music producers have changed and since 2017, when the song was first released, care was taken to prepare more carefully the clips and composition processes worldwide.

Even in music, mathematics was now being formed. Mathematics, which plays an important role in people’s lives, started to show its face in this field. The part of the artificial intelligence that fascinates itself is that it offers a stylish design according to the note choices and octaves of the selected notes and reveals a unique rhythm. In addition to these, it creates new musical tones and realizes the identity of the song she designed. It has learned the places of the notes by itself, with a large amount of data she studied on the training set, leaving a pleasant sound in the ear. If we can integrate rhythm differences and more into artificial intelligence in the future, we can compose the sounds in harmony with each other. In addition, the copyright of the song you produce will not be anywhere, because it is uniquely created by artificial intelligence, so you will not need anyone else in any way. Thanks to the development of concepts such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning, you can design algorithms that will create music for yourself comfortably. By the way, people who will work in this field should definitely be people who have the knowledge or want to have knowledge of music. Writing code without knowing the background to something is like a boneless body. In the background of this system, ReLU and Leaky ReLU functions are used among the activation functions in Deep Learning.

There is a structure in which the mathematics part is also effective in the music note issue. The numbers are adjusted according to the position of the musical notes, the rhythm effect of the music, and the word flow part, and they are coded in a logical way to get the job done together with the machine learning steps. Computers that have good hardware with the excessive code load achieve the desired result by processing quickly. The activation of artificial intelligence in this area both reduces the workforce by doing the work given instead of the human burden and saves time by producing faster than normal production. In addition, it plays a role in reducing the amount of money spent on the work done. Even if many job loss rates will occur during this process, new business areas will be opened through artificial intelligence.

This situation, which will bring a new perspective to the world of music, can easily integrate the work it does with natural language processing into other languages ​​in the future. While this speeds up business processes, it can increase the quality of the music made and lead everyone to understand it. People competent in artificial intelligence serve many people around the world in different fields. Although most of the projects are on finance, transportation and security, innovations in different fields such as music, sports and computer games have started to occur. People who are willing to work in different fields and have knowledge can easily take a role in many new areas. Offering new options to people outside of the areas where the most work is produced, attracts people to the area you will work and contributes to increase the rate of employment.

Artificial intelligence, which presents pleasant rhythms in combination with mathematics and algorithms, has created a solid infrastructure by working with a high amount of data in the training process. After creating music videos and beautiful videos, it has been determined by the people working in this field that the main purpose is to ensure its continuity in a universal way. For this reason, studies have been ongoing since 2017. When the desired result is achieved, I think there will be job opportunities for these areas. During the period we live in, we can listen to music for long hours in daily life. This shows us once again that music is a necessary resource in our lives. Music makes a great contribution to people’s lives without realizing it. It can energize, motivate, or get us down in anything. In short, music has great importance in shaping our daily life.

Music, which adds even a little bit of color to our lives, may appear in many different dimensions and tones in the future. Maybe 10 years from now, it will offer us a unique concert pleasure by using the voice of a famous singer who sang alone or did not live. Regardless, the only certainty is that the music will change and artificial intelligence will gradually become involved. With the contribution of artificial intelligence, you can give different pleasure to the listeners and even change the emotion at the desired minute of the music and get a different tone. So you can switch to a completely different tone while listening to jazz music. This opportunity may not be available now, but situations may differ due to the technology that develops day by day. It can take a state where the desired changes can be made on the music instantly. In addition, it can present nostalgic music to people in a more original and changeable way by the singer.

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