Top Learner Program

How to become a Top Learner


Attend every lesson and complete the quizzess provided at the end of each lesson.


Show us how much you’ve learned by completing the final project.


Answer questions asked within the community and ask your own questions.

So what will you gain as a Top Learner?


Get an invitation to the Top Learner Hub created just for you.


Become a member of our talent program and find many job opportunities.


Gain access to our mentor team and with that support as you progress.

Becoming a Top Learner

The Top Learner Hub

Top Learner Hub is an environment where all Top Learners can meet and share their knowledge. They can discuss their various challenges, ask and answer questions about their assignments and achieve success as a community.

After becoming a Top Learner, exclusive events and road maps are created for each participant to encourage growth and learning opportunities. At this point particpants are asked to prepare a portfolio to show case their progress.

After Becoming a Top Learner

Milestones are determined for Top Learners. Participants who are qualified as a Top Learner are expected to have achieved and passed certain milestones. These milestones boost the participants’ own development and career goals.

5 completed projects published on GitHub repository

Top Learner Projects should contain different properties such as those shown below.

    • Readme page
    • Proper project scheme
    • Clean coding

3 Articles prepared for publishing on Deep Learning Turkey

These articles can be prepared within the following three topics.

    • Guides of the projects done
    • A tutorial or informative article in which quality and really useful content is referred
    • State-of-the-art content on a topic

Profile on a website where success can be measured

Profiles must be created for one or more of the options below

    • Kaggle
    • Hackerrank
    • A website where solutions can be shared as open source:
      • Code of Advent
      • Project Euler

Advantages of becoming Top Learner

Being a “Top Learner” within Global AI Hub has many advantages to foster development and career opportunites.

    • Priority opportunity to participate in workshops and webinars
    • Join the Global AI Hub talent pool and benefit from career opportunities
    • Participating in projects and celebrating achievements
    • Mentor support
    • A chance to collaborate with other developers
    • “Top Learner” icon in Global AI Hub Community and Hubs.