Top Tech Thought Leaders from DACH Region

Top Tech Thought Leaders from DACH Region

We can’t deny the place and the impact of technology in our lives. Tech is a field that changes rapidly and consistently and if you can’t keep up with the fast-evolving tech you will be left behind. 

The best way to keep up with technological updates is to follow thought leaders.  

Let us introduce you to the Global AI Hub’s best technology thought leaders from the DACH region – who have a significant role in shaping the tech-centered world. We walk together with thought leaders in our journey to provide free education to 10 million people, at least 5 million of whom are women.

What is the «10million.AI» Project?

The «10million.AI» project is a non-profit and social good initiative supported by leading institutions worldwide. It provides talents across the globe with access to top-class education on AI and other digitalization industries – completely free of charge.

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Alisson Machado de Menezes

Senior Big Data DevOps Engineer at Schaeffler
Alisson Machado de Menezes is currently a BigData DevOps Engineer, having worked in companies in South America and Europe, always with focus on Automations using Linux, Python and Cloud, also worked as a teacher, given classes about Python, MongoDB, DevOps and Linux. Author of the Book Hands On DevOps With Linux published by BPBOnline in India.
Machine Learning Project Lead at OBJENTIS

Alwin J. Schuster is a former student at HTL Spengergasse, one of the best computer science high schools in Austria. He works on artificial intelligence and machine learning projects, as well as web applications associated with database structures. Alwin started programming at the age of ten and at the age of 15 he implemented an artificial neural network from scratch in Java.

Dr. Tina Ruseva

Dr. Tina Ruseva

Founder & CEO at Mentessa

Tina Ruseva is the founder & CEO of Mentessa, the future of work platform that helps everyone in the workforce to maximize their potential at work, and the Big & Growing New Work Festival, the biggest future of work conference in Europe. She is a social entrepreneur, actively engaging for diversity, empowerment, and inclusion ever since 2009, the mother of 2 girls, and the author of numerous articles and the book “Big Heart Ventures”.

Senior AIML Engineer & Data Products Lead at Productaize
Patrick accelerates teams in building, launching & scaling business-driving Data Products using production-grade AI/ML, MLOps, Open Source & Cloud. He is an advisor, coach, reviewer and has held senior engineering positions at startup and corporate companies. Teaching at several Swiss universities, he thinks entrepreneurial and acts business-minded. As an innovative thinker he is quick to grasp new subjects and adept at applying in practice.

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