Veganism and Artificial Intelligence

Veganism and artificial intelligence are good topics to discuss because they look mysterious to me. We know how artificial intelligence is everywhere but what about the relationship between veganism, do we know about it?
I was a vegetarian for a few years and, to be honest, it was one of my good diets. Actually, Turkey is often associated with cuisines made up out of meat but also we have many non-meat dishes. Okay, if I turn back to our topic is I wonder about how artificial intelligence can affect veganism whether in a good or bad way. However, first, let’s have a look at what does vegan means.

What is veganism?

The term “vegan” was chosen by combining the first and last letters of “vegetarian.” It is an undeniable fact is that being vegan is really popular whether its purpose is for health or for caring about animals. Of course, behind being vegan, there are different kinds of reasons such as ethics, health, and environment.
This is not for a few months, this is a lifestyle and vegan people prefer to not consume all animal and animal products such as dairy, eggs, cheeses, meats, fishes, etc. However, this situation should not consign you that they have to eat just vegetables and fruits – because it is totally wrong! For example:

  • Beans
  • Lentils
  • Tofu
  • Hummus
  • Seeds
  • Plant milk
  • Whole grains

Those are just a few examples of foods that they can consume.
Before finishing a short explanation of veganism, I would like to add some bullet points of types of veganism:

  • Whole-food vegans
  • Raw-food vegans
  • Dietary vegans

What does Artificial Intelligence have an impact on veganism?

There is a huge investment in plant-based industry and I think in the future many big companies/businesses will be involved in it more than before. Well, this investment is not only for food, but it is also for clothes, shoes. Sometimes, I get advertisements or see comments related to “vegan clothes”, “vegan creams”, etc. on my social media accounts – I think it is because I am interested in these areas.

If you would like to learn more about advertisement, you can have a read this article:

According to my research, what I have seen is that artificial intelligence can positively impact. As all we know, we are having difficult moments due to the pandemic and it will not be the last and we will not live on this planet forever also because of climate change. There is a question from my side is that does the plan-based product really mean healthy? I mean if we talk about the health factor of being vegan, the products are supposed to be healthy – if they are not, so where is the purpose of this health factor? I think there are many points that shape things whether we realize them or not.

Some Examples:

While some questions arise, if the companies are going to produce plant-based products first they need to start to search the planet for eligible plants. After that for sure, the analysis step will be required. As you assume, we talk about the whole planet so it means they need “scientists” and some “specific processes” to deal with a huge dataset. How AI can help is that it has the capacity to process complex algorithms to predict. Moreover, AI can find combine different recipes easily and predict which ones will be loved by humans based on human behaviors because also those behaviors are data that AI used.
The other part is we need to be careful about what we eat because of our body system. We need to have a balance between protein, carbohydrate, and etc., and what has been thought us is animal products have necessary molecules for our bones for example. So, the companies should find something to replace animal products and for it, AI helps to produce cheaper and tastier options for consumers.


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