What is the Natural Language Process?

When it comes to artificial intelligence, certain things come to mind. These include natural language processing, reinforcement learning, deep learning, machine learning, and computer vision. There is a great knowledge of mathematics and statistics in the background of this software. Natural language processing, on the other hand, aims to reduce the differences between languages by processing many languages and to meet common ground. In this way, in the period we live in, studies in this field have gained great speed for the last 2 years. In fact, chatbots are proof of how far the work in this field has come. I aim to help people by explaining some of the question marks in people’s minds in this article. With the development and increase of the Python programming language, people working on artificial intelligence play an active role in natural language processing. The greatest impact of technological processes developing in this field on the world benefits telecommunication companies. If our phones we use in daily life cause any problems, the number we call is certain. Regardless of the operator, we are connected to, the rate of human work has been reduced and robots ready to code have been developed.

Even if such situations are given as examples, there are natural language processing practices almost everywhere in our lives. Assistant software such as Siri, which is specially designed and encoded in the phones used, is also included in this subject. Many companies working in the field of telephony have started to integrate assistant software for all of the new generation phones they produce. As I have stated clearly, natural language processing processes are running intensely behind these systems. In addition, people who want to work in the field of Data Science; are expected to be competent in subjects such as natural language processing, computer vision, and reinforcement learning. Because she or he can actively design chatbot creation or face recognition systems with the experience she has for each project she works.

People who are linguists by profession can take part in natural language processing processes according to the project conditions. Even if the software part is prepared by a data scientist, linguists must be actively part of the processes for the project to be formal and well-founded. In order to reach the call center of any company you try to reach by phone, there is a chatbot system prepared thanks to its contribution to natural language processing before being included in the call. The determination of whether chatbots’ responses to users are ethical or not is determined by linguists. The natural language processing system, whose purpose is to perceive the things spoken and give answers, makes it easier for the other party to reach the solution, has been programmed to help many people, and continues this. Robot stages, which are perceived as bad in everyone’s minds, have gained momentum in this way. Because of this situation, people working in different companies in each sector are faced with their own dismissal.

With the participation of many people in the field of natural language processing, the emerging universal resources have started to increase. This issue entered people’s discussion areas through many blog posts such as Github, Medium, Global AI Hub. By creating information dissemination, people working in this field were given the opportunity to access different information. Looking open source code and trying to understand them has helped many people working in the field get ahead. These kinds of activities have motivated people working in the field of natural language processing, making it easier for other people to be interested in these areas.

It has taken a firm place among the libraries that have marked the last period among Python libraries. Libraries such as Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK), Gensim, polyglot, TextBlob are used effectively by many software developers. Although NLTK was used at the beginning of almost all of the projects developed, the libraries I mentioned above also play a role in the project.

If I need to prepare a personal result; People working in this field are very valuable people. Therefore, I think that the level of development in this field will increase and the projects to be formed will grow in the future. Because there is a developing world system in this field. Voice command systems are now everywhere. For this reason, I can predict that investments will be made in these areas.

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