What is the Opportunity of AI for Turkey?

A few days ago I saw a post through Linkedin and it was about a comparison of the 100 most valuable platforms of Artificial Intelligence in the world between America, Europe, Africa, and the Asia Pacific.

These days (years actually), people think about the advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence on humanity. In this blog, I would like to talk about a specific topic: What is the opportunity of AI for Turkey?

What is the opportunity of AI for Turkey?

In Turkey, we have some important and valuable steps about AI like providing online courses such as Python, SQL, IoT… etc. And those courses are available through the “BTK” Website. Why I mention it because it shows that artificial intelligence is on the agenda of the government.

According to the Turkey Demographic Profile 2019, the median age is 31.4 years and which means is that we are a very young country. If the country is young, most of the doors are ready to open to novelties with the AI era. There is a significant point to be remembered is education. Even though we are a young country, if we do not have a good education system or many people are joining the brain drain, it does not work whether your population is young. Turkey was a hub of culture and science when it was the center of the Ottoman Empire and for example, the first watch was measured time in minutes here. I believe we can adapt ourselves to AI easily because of our ancestry history. On the other hand, China and the USA are making billions of dollars of investments in AI and supporting start-ups, and if I leave aside some countries such as Canada, most countries do not know how to adapt themself to the AI era. We can take the advantages.

The other one that is Turkey is an important country in terms of strategic and areas of usage. Turkey is a bridge between Europe and Asia and what I believe is that for example Turkey also could integrate AI into its trade route and energy corridor by the developed technology. Moreover, Turkey has hight-quality and cheap resources for start-ups.


As I mention every time, AI is a hot topic nowadays but even developed countries have not yet prioritized AI before. Therefore, we should not behind AI and need to take action from now on.




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