What is the Squidbot?

A robot fish that can move easily under the sea has been designed by engineering students from the University of California San Diego. In fact, although it gives an air like squid, it clearly showed us what situations technology will turn into. On October 6, 2020, we saw that the study took a long time and that they made their first presentation in the form of a sea test. I am curious to see where the technology, which now dominates all over the world, will shift in the future. These young people, who managed to attract the focus of people to the oceans, stated that the discovery was primarily they made a waterjet-style product. This robot which is produced, contains its own power source without being connected to the outside in any way and continues on its way. Equipped with a camera system, this robot provides utmost convenience for underwater explorations.

Transferring the maneuverability of fish in the sea to the robot, engineers aimed to increase the ability to swim to different dimensions and to integrate the problems affecting people such as pressure into the robot and to reduce the problem. In order to hide itself in the sea, it creates air bubbles from the tail, ie from the back, with the spraying mechanism. The body shape also moves exactly like squid, while making swelling and stretching movements. In this way, it does not have any problems in the depths of the sea and can camouflage itself in a very high quality. This product, which emerged after intense effort processes, also includes ongoing development studies. It has already managed to gain a certain number of followers by attracting many people. In the future, the technological structure using artificial intelligence will start to contribute to underwater diving or exploration-study issues.

There is a profound mathematics behind everything that artificial intelligence has to offer us. Aware of this, engineers carefully made mathematical calculations while working in this area. Before the calculation was made, the students, who determined the scheme, started to work quickly to implement the scheme with determined rates. Where the name ‘Squidbot’ comes from, they finished the transition in English directly by adding a ‘bot’ to the end, since what they designed looks like a squid. Along with a catchy, short and concise name, they prevented the name they put on the robot from getting ahead of their products. Since its work is already similar to squid fish, the only difference is that it is a coded and trained artificial intelligence product. By presenting this in a beautiful way, adding agility, mobility in water and acceleration to the robot has increased the degree of difference. In this way, it will help in reaching under the sea.

They set out with the logic of “Those who hold technological power are those who determine the future.”  They also want to leave a technology open to development and to involve many people in the project. In addition, while creating this robot, engineers and professors stated in their statement that they performed a lot of experiments while determining the size of the robot and it took a long time to find the most suitable one. Professor Qiang Zhu and the students in his team said that they continue to work to improve the system of this engine and make it better. Through the special sensors added on it, it has achieved successful results without the problem of underwater orientation. In most of the studies, the strength of the sensor structure was also tested extra. They explained in the interview that for a few years from now, they will be able to present it in open source so that people can work on this project and even better.

Almost every day, new projects started to be launched and presented to the world. We are in a period where people are making more efforts for humanity than before. With possibilities, the number of new projects is increasing day by day, after many people have shifted to software and technology. Roboticists and researchers with expert staff took part in the team working for the robot in question. All kinds of transactions required for the project to progress in a solid structure were examined and the reports were examined one by one. In this way, project tracking has provided a simple and traceable presentation. The most important feature of the robot is that it creates elastic energy by spraying the water it takes from the sea to move forward. Owing to the mechanism coded at the beginning, it managed to move forward by using the water in the sea without any additional power from outside.

People who have followed the project from at the beginning supported the project by providing feedback after the video was added to the internet platform. If you want to watch the video after the images, I will specify the link of the video in the resources section. I’m sure it will impress you the first time you watch it. Because the mechanism and design it has has been thought out and implemented in a great way. They have also achieved a stylish appearance by integrating the motors used by divers as motor power into the structure of the mechanism in a special way. The project has many beauties both visually and environmentally. In order to be informed about the developments, you can also follow the website of the project I have specified.







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