WOMEN in Artificial Intelligence


Women have a very critical role in society.

I am sure is that all of us heard about how gender equality and diversity in the workplace are important. In addition, there have been many symposiums and conferences in Turkey and abroad about it. However, when we talk about the real world, there is a disparity instead of diversity in the workplace. Working women should be well supported and that more women should be encouraged to take up careers in related fields.

Today I would like to talk about women in AI. There is research about how women are a small minority in machine-learning. According to wired.com, you could find the percentage of this research below.

One of the biggest issues is that being biased is already a problem for humanity and if we want to have super-intelligent AI we should not allow being biased super-intelligent AI. I would like to give you one example of biased technology. For example, Apple, accused of sexism when the company’s new credit card seemed to offer men more credit than women—even when the women had better credit scores.

Before going to explain too deep, I would like to talk about my company. I am working for Global AI Hub company as a Business Development Specialist. It where AI talent meets opportunities for everyone with an interest in AI. I would say honestly is that the company includes people of various gender, ages, religions, ethnicity, cultural background, languages, and education. Especially, the percentage of women who are working at the company is higher than the percentage of men and it makes me proud of my company. Since the company is a fast-growing start-up in AI, also I believe is that the impact of women on the company’s future will be huge, too.

Let’s explore gender imbalance and how many women are in AI:

According to The AI Now Institute, women currently makeup 24.4% of the computer science workforce and receive median salaries that are only 66% of the salaries of their male counterparts. Although, big companies around the worldwide know about the lack of female C-level roles this issue still occurs.

What are the positive implications of having more female leaders for AI companies?

For example, the company that you work wants to develop AI solutions and in this case, you need to think every aspect of the results of it (both good and bad). Women could be helpful for different stakeholders because they are more empathetic. I would say It is quite helpful because having both men and women definitely will be increased the opportunity of brainstorming and of course the results will be different than just having a discussion and trying to see things with men.

Another important point is the emotional intelligence part. For sure, machine learning involves advanced math and engineering skills. However, we are trying to integrate those technologies with humans and it is undeniable fact that human emotional intelligence being. Therefore, I think that encouraging more women into this field would be beneficial as well.

Some Statistics

  • 21 percent of Google’s technical roles are filled by women, according to company figures released in 2018.
  • Facebook said in 2018 that 22 percent of its technical workers were women.
  • In its 2018 Global Gender Gap Report, the World Economic Forum found that 22 percent of AI professionals on LinkedIn were women, with no evidence of improvement in recent years.
  • The AI Index 2018 surveyed online job advertisement data and found that 71 percent of applicants for AI roles in the US in 2017 were men.



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