Global AI Hub is the Swiss-based leading global community of 30606 amazing AI talents and experts.

We provide AI education and AI career opportunities.

We aim to educate 10 million AI talents globally and with that, create 1 million new job opportunities.

Global AI Hub has partnered with the world’s leading tech firms and leaders to create a powerful online education platform that in turn provides endless AI career opportunities. With that, Global AI Hub has also collaborated with these leading companies through partnerships of AI Business School for further opportunities and AI online education.

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Introduction to Python Programming
Introduction to Python Programming
February 1, 2021

2.00pm - 4.00pm (GMT+1)

4.00pm - 6.00pm (GMT+3)

Introduction to Python Programming
Introduction to Python Programming
February 15, 2021

7.00 PM - 9.00 PM (GMT +3)

We are aiming to connect different AI areas of interest in an interdisciplinary way and gather up people who are working on AI all around the world on our unique online platform.

What We Offer

Community Platform

Join our community and expand your network. Connect with people around the world who are also passionate about AI.

Online Education

One easy to use platform where users have access to free and certificated Online Courses diving deep into the power of AI across all verticals.

Job Opportunities

As an individual, find job opportunities in the AI world that fit your skill set.

HR Services

As a company, use Global AI Hub HR and recruiting services to find the talent your company needs.

Mentoring Programs

Personal mentoring by experienced experts to make sure your AI learning is supported.

AI Projects

Showcase your skills and get involved in global AI projects, hackathons, and competitions.

Our Community Hubs

Come and join our community. Expand your network and get to know new people!


Find AI opportunities to transform the way we interact with money. Enrich your assets with several diverse applications on both the sell side (investment banking, stockbrokers) and buy side (asset managers, hedge funds). To follow up closely, join our hub now!

Why do I keep hearing “machine learning” everywhere? How do machines learn? What does it mean to “learn”? What is a “machine”? Will these machines keep learning to a point where they will rule as AI overlords one day? Join the Hub now to find out the answers to these mind-boggling questions!

Learn about the latest deep learning research and applications in our hub. Every AI professional and enthusiast should definitely keep up with the workhorse behind modern artificial intelligence, Deep Learning. Join now!

Python is the most used language for AI applications today. It is easy to learn and code in. AI developers do not want to spend their time correcting the syntax instead of developing models when they are already working on hard tasks. Python also has a wide range of easy to implement AI libraries.

Find out how educational institutions and professional learning are being transformed by intelligent systems that are helping humans learn better and achieve their learning objectives.


Global AI Hub works with corporates, start-ups non-profits and other organizations to create globally leading AI community.